In an extraordinary year that placed great demands on leaders, our Year 12 students have fulfilled their role of student leadership with great compassion, courage and integrity. Their willingness to think creatively to maintain a culture of inclusivity during trying times was outstanding. Throughout the year they bore the torch of school spirit, engaging across the full spectrum of College life, engaging in service and representing the College in the wider community, all of which epitomised the character of the cohort.

The Year Group have maintained a spirit of friendly rivalry in House competitions, been exemplars of great sportsmanship and camaraderie on the sporting field, shown excellence on the stage in the performing arts and produced outstanding academic performances. The ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) is, on the surface, an academic gauge alone; however, we know from research that students who are involved in a variety of pursuits beyond the classroom are also those who achieve results commensurate with their potential. Hence, the median ATAR is not just a measure of the academic environment that our students and staff create and enjoy, but a gauge of the positive culture that we often refer to as ‘school spirit’.
The class of 2020 achieved a median ATAR of 89.45, indicating that 50% of our Year 12 students were placed in the top 10.55% nationally. This is, once again, an outstanding effort and is one more indicator that speaks to the determination of the year group to strive to achieve their potential in all facets of their College involvement.

Scotch Oakburn College is proud of all that our students have achieved and congratulates our Year 12 graduates of 2020, who have excelled in many areas of endeavour, in and beyond the classroom.

Andy Müller