10 December, 2021


2021 was another wonderful year in the College’s history, a year of amazing highlights, community events and student achievements; from the day-to-day activities, in and out of the classroom, to the special events that involved our amazing students, enabled by the College’s passionate and dedicated staff. There have been so many wonderful events and achievements over the last 12 months that have been celebrated in our news each week, that to name any selection would inadvertently do a disservice to those not listed.

The highlights that you have read about in the news, witnessed first-hand or shared on various forms of media to be read about soon after they happen are inspiring for us all. What is often not visible is the work that goes on in preparation and behind the scenes to bring these activities and events to fruition. The diligence and determination of our staff, teaching and non-teaching, and our Board of Directors, to stay at the forefront of education, educational practices, governance and those less obvious but no less important aspects that add value to our students’ education, is where the love of learning is enabled and reinforced.

Scotch Oakburn truly is a lived example of the ‘Gestalt phenomenon’, where the whole is greater than the sum of its constituent parts. This is a metaphor for our students’ collective efforts where together they achieve far more than each of them could do if working in isolation, whether that be on the sporting field, the stage, the outdoors or in the classroom. All student involvements are vital parts in creating the somewhat intangible dynamic that we call ‘school spirit’ and is at the root of the culture that we so enjoy and that we should never take for granted. That culture is collectively generated and reinforced by staff, students and families in all that we say and do.

To all our community I say a heartfelt, ‘thank you’ for your ongoing and enthusiastic support of the College throughout 2021. I wish you a safe and relaxing Christmas break and look forward to another wonderful year in 2022.

Andy Müller

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