30 Days of Thanks


24 June, 2020


30 Days of Thanks header

Our 30 Days of Thanks has finished and the response and engagement from the community has been overwhelming.

We received so many nominations we weren’t able to acknowledge them all on our daily Facebook post; however, we’d like you all to know who was nominated for their kindness and generosity. Below is a list of everyone who was nominated by a member of the College community for the 30 Days of Thanks.

All Staff at the drop off / Pick up zones
Becca Biggs, Staff & Current Parent
Deidre Brown, Staff & Past Parent
Evie Chalk, Staff
Suzanne Creese, Staff & Past Parent
Hannah Dearing, Staff
Jess Dorloff, Staff
Helene Dracup, Staff & Current Parent
Nicci Dray, Staff & Current Parent
Nicole Erwin, Staff & Past Student (’14)
Andrew French, Staff & Current Parent
Dean Hawkins, Staff
Rob Jeffery, Staff
Caroline Jones, Staff & Current Parent
Cath Kilner, Staff
Steve King, Staff & Past Parent
Lauren Knight, Staff & Current Parent
Doreen Liang, Staff
Ross Linsley, Current Parent
Kylie Long, Staff
Tanya Lunn, Staff
Jo McFarlane, Staff, Current Parent & Past Student (’89)
David Morris, Staff & Past Parent
Andy Müller, Staff & Current Parent
Karen Meyer, Staff & Past Parent
Robyn Ockerby, Staff, Past Parent & Past Student (’82)
Andy Prideaux, Staff
Pip Robinson, Staff & Current Parent
Kendal Selby, Staff & Current Parent
Louise Viney, Staff
Kylie Wolstencroft, Staff & Past Parent

If you’d like to go back and have a look at the various Facebook posts you can do so here.  Those included in posts were:

Bronwin Ballantyne, Current Parent & Past Student (’86)
Janet Cleaver, Staff & Past Parent
Anne Maree Coombe, Current Parent
Nardia Deverell, Staff & Current Parent
Bridgit Dexter, Current Parent
Jess Dorloff, Staff
Ashley Draper, Past Student (’16)
Clyde Goosen and the community program to Fred French, Staff & Current Students
Harry Heathcote, Staff
Holli Hofing, Past Student (’13)
Diane Jessup, Current Parent
Anthony Kwong, Current Parent
Roslyn Lippis, Past Student (’75)
Arsalan Mahmud, Current Parent
Jerome Muir Wilson, Current Parent
Jackie Muir Wilson, Current Parent
Kiran Oates-Pryor, Staff & Current Parent
Andrew Palmer, Current Parent
Carly Pitt, Current Parent
Bo Power, Staff & Current Parent
Rob Prescott, Past Student (’74) & Past Parent
Lucy Reed, Current Parent
Anita Reeve, Current Parent & Past Student (’82)
Andrew Robinson, Staff & Past Student (’10)
Emily Sanzaro, Current Parent & Past Student (’99)
Marissa Saville, Staff
Alistair Shephard, Current Parent
Mark Simco, Staff
Pete Smith, Staff
Suwana Sterzing, Current Parent
Michelle Stevenson, Staff & Past Parent
Lei Sun, Staff & Current Parent
Brendan Vince, Staff & Current Parent
Brennon Von Stieglitz, Staff
Don Wing AM, Past Student (’55)
Oscar Winspear, Current Student
The entire eServices team
All College Staff
Collective thanks to our entire community

Thanks again to our community.

Andy Müller


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