27 November, 2020


On Monday, 23 November, Scotch Oakburn College Year 10 and 11 students hosted a group of Year 5 and 6 students from St Marys District School and Bicheno Primary School at the Valley Campus in Fingal.

The day was populated with fun group-based activities, allowing both the younger and older students to bond in an environment outside of school. The novelty of the situation was not lost on any of us as the day was designed to help the St Marys and Bicheno students bond before they enter the same grade at the same school next year. Whether it be trying to get the best time on the famously exciting low-ropes course, or trying to transport as much water as possible from one bucket to another using only a few pipes, the activities enlightened all students, young and old, to an incredible sense of mateship and teamwork that will hopefully be applied to many of our future social or school endeavours. Many of the students remarked on how easy they felt bonding, with not only their peers, but also a group of talented and dedicated Scotch Oakburn leaders.

Mateship immediately manifested as Baraza Leaders, Activity Group Leaders, teachers and students began to learn of the wonderful characteristics of the individuals in groups we formed. Groups came in all kinds on the day – staff or student cohorts, Baraza Groups, lunch groups, friendship groups. When each of these groups recognised the power of the individual in making a difference in their world, discovered the breadth of knowledge each person brought to the group, and when the unique and colourful personalities exhibited by all were put on display, the very best of the Scotch Oakburn, St Marys, and Bicheno spirits shone brightly.

Having taken place under the beautiful backdrop of our Valley Campus, we, as student leaders, could not have been more fulfilled at how all people broke down the social barriers that may have previously separated us — Launceston/East Coast, Young/Old, Confident/Diffident — and overcame the challenging yet diverse obstacles we were presented with. As a result, we were able to truly and confidently bond and connect with those in our company. That, above all else, was the most gratifying part of the experience as we knew we had discharged our duty to bring together and work with the effulgent students who defined the program and who collectively built its distinct sense of togetherness. We look forward to working with groups such as this into the future, learning from and learning with the youth of Tasmania.

Dean Power
Year 11 Student

What a wonderful way to conclude the year: a meaningful, authentic leadership experience, supporting and directing an exciting, positive excursion day for the Year 5 and 6 students of St Marys and Bicheno. While Year 10s and 11s organised and ran a range of engaging activities focusing on teamwork, co-operation and effective communication for this transitional cohort, the students enjoyed a day playing and problem-solving with friends and peers. All students, both younger and older, felt very grateful to have been a part of such a positive, rewarding experience!

Perhaps the most rewarding moment of the day for me was seeing the joy and appreciation on the faces of the students after they had shared an exciting day of teamwork, problem-solving, communication and courage, during their transition.

Jack Oates-Pryor
Year 11 Student

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