Are leaders born or are they made?


8 May, 2020


Are leaders born or are they made?   This question has been inspired from the Round Square IDEAL of leadership.

During COVID-19, there has been significant impacts and consequences upon our society.  However, have you noticed examples of leadership?  Do you think that they (the person or people) were born with the leadership genetics or have they trained themselves, in fact, practised for a moment to ‘lead’?  What I am most interested in, is the leadership growth of students.

How can we learn to lead better?

How can we lead better from the experience and advice of others?

How can Scotch Oakburn College continue to provide leaders for tomorrow?

I encourage all learners to think about the skills and attitudes that now enable you to self-assess your leadership development and leadership learning.  Often when we explore the notion of ‘learning how to lead’, we ask for learners to imagine their response to a crisis or community situation….right now, we are living through a ‘real-world’ example of how to respond and lead in a community challenge or global crisis.  We, potentially all have the ability, to be better leaders and learners through our current situation and be in fact better equipped for the College’s Strategic Vision 2035, than before!

I believe that leaders can be made, some qualities you are born with, but like all skills and attributes, if we practice, we will improve. When we improve at something, we feel better about ourselves and our future, creating self-belief and positivity.  Positive minds; make better decisions.

Looking ahead to a special Mothers’ Day weekend, I encourage you to all to be learners with gratitude, be thankful, pause and appreciate the opportunity we all have, grab opportunities and be more ready to lead into the future.

Ben Green
Deputy Head of Junior School

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