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27 05, 2022


2022-05-27T14:33:14+10:0027 May, 2022|Categories: Junior School|

Engaging Learning Environments

How can we create learning environments that cultivate curiosity and grow young people as confident, capable and creative inquirers? How can we ensure that our teaching nurtures rather than diminishes the sense of wonder with which we are all born? How can we become better inquirers as we teach? How can we help our students grow as thinkers, collaborators, self-managers, communicators and researchers as they inquire?

Kath Murdoch, Australian teacher, author, lecturer and consultant, poses these questions for schools and teachers in her widely read book ‘The Power of Inquiry’. In summary she highlights some key elements of inquiry-based […]

20 05, 2022


2022-05-20T15:41:58+10:0020 May, 2022|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|



Eleanor Roosevelt suggested we should all take one risk per day that scares us. For parents and educators instinctively this advice is the opposite of what we feel we should do as carers for our children. We both want to protect them from harm, however Eleanor raises a crucial aspect of development. Giving them the freedom to explore new challenges and experiences. It is important we support them to venture into territory and experiences that are not 100% safe. This is how they learn a myriad of ways they can protect themselves in […]

20 05, 2022


2022-05-20T15:00:12+10:0020 May, 2022|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

Over the past few years, the College has been experiencing modest enrolment growth and it continues to be a changing landscape when looking at future enrolments. The College is committed to ensure we continue to deliver on our Mission – providing an outstanding holistic education that enables every student to achieve their potential.

As a result, several year levels across the College are now full, at ‘Ideal Capacity’ and a waitlist process has commenced. To ensure your child is on the waitlist for a year level that is currently full, please complete an enrolment application. As soon as a place becomes […]

20 05, 2022


2022-05-20T15:01:32+10:0020 May, 2022|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

For all families thinking of planning holidays in 2023, we have now published the Scotch Oakburn College Term dates. They can be found anytime on the parent page of our website or on The Dash home page.

Term 1 starts Wednesday 1 February
Term 1 ends Thursday 6 April

Easter – Good Friday 7 April to Tuesday 11 April (inclusive)

Term 2 starts Wednesday 26 April
Term 2 ends Friday 30 June

Term 3 starts Tuesday 25 July
Term 3 ends Friday 29 September

Term 4 starts Monday 16 October
Term 4 ends Wednesday 13 December

Ben Marsland
Deputy Principal

20 05, 2022


2022-05-20T15:06:43+10:0020 May, 2022|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

This week in Chaplaincy, I want to celebrate the Junior School Class of 2 Viney.  They were the first class to undertake the new format of Connect, and they didn’t let us down.  In fact, the surprise was all mine.

We discussed the topic of Commitment and what it means at a Year 2 level to undertake and be committed to what they believe in.

We read two books, The Little Red Hen and The Big Red Hen.  These two stories showed the different sides of commitment and what might happen when we are not committed and when we are.

The main contributions […]

20 05, 2022


2022-05-20T16:04:45+10:0020 May, 2022|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

The Performing Arts Department has been a hive of activity over recent weeks, and it will not be slowing down for a while.

Last week the College welcomed approximately 1800 audience members to the Horton Auditorium for the Middle School Production of Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox. With three school matinees and two evening performances the 60 member cast and crew, under the direction of Miss Evie Chalk, put on a very polished performance that entertained all who came through the theatre doors.

The College has received some lovely feedback from other schools that […]

20 05, 2022


2022-05-20T15:09:07+10:0020 May, 2022|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

To speak strongly and articulately on matters you are passionate about in front of a live audience requires a healthy dose of courage and commitment.

Eight of our students participated in Rostrum Voice of Youth on Saturday 14 May against other schools, and proved they had the muscle to do it.

As a first-time speaker,  Year 8 student James Walker rocketed right to the front and won the Junior Northern Final! Congratulations James, who will now compete against students around Tasmania in the State Final in June. Special mention to Year 8 Reinard Fourie and Year […]

20 05, 2022


2022-05-20T15:33:04+10:0020 May, 2022|Categories: Junior School|

Student Engagement

Student Engagement is a term that is often used in relation to learning and living at school – for all age groups. High levels of engagement lead to both improved learning outcomes and positive wellbeing.

What is meant by ‘engagement?  A South Australian study (reference below), offers a definition which gives some insight into factors contributing to student engagement in Childcare and Primary School settings.

Engagement refers to the level of participation and intrinsic interest that a student shows in school. This involves both behaviours (persistence, effort, attention) and attitudes (motivation, positive learning values, enthusiasm, interest, pride in success). Thus, engaged […]

20 05, 2022


2022-05-20T15:04:09+10:0020 May, 2022|Categories: Middle School|

Servant leadership, developing ‘social currency’ through EY8

It is inspiriting to report the passion and commitment being displayed by the Year 8 students while they plan and prepare their EY8 proposals.  The EY8 program provides the chance for our Middle School student leaders to design their own learning project, that will have a direct positive impact upon others, i.e. building our social currency.  This is achieved by understanding Servant Leadership.  During the past two years we have experienced times of isolation and social restriction, so the need for projects like EY8 have never been more important for both the community and […]