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12 04, 2019

S.A. Snowsports Interschools Falls Creek

2019-04-12T08:12:48+11:0012 April, 2019|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

We are currently looking for expressions of interest from families in the hope to get a team from Scotch Oakburn College or a joint Tasmanian School Team to ski/board in the SA Interschool’s competition, Falls Creek, Victoria, 14-19 July 2019.

The details:

  • 3-4 kids = a team in the skiing category (top 3 times counted)
  • 2-3 kids = a team in the snowboard (top 2 times counted)
  • The races are the Wednesday 17 & Thursday 18 July.
  • If the times are fast enough this may qualify you for the National Interschools Competition.

Last year, […]

11 04, 2019

Equestrian Achievements

2019-04-11T15:26:51+11:0011 April, 2019|Categories: Middle School, Senior School|

Harry Furzer and Bethany Hirst (both Year 10) have been chosen to represent Tasmania at the Tintern Grammar 2019 Inter-School Horse Trials Championship that will be held during the holidays.  We wish them the best of luck in this competition.

Joy Russell
Person-in-Charge Equestrian

11 04, 2019

Year 5 Virtual Debating

2019-04-12T14:12:27+11:0011 April, 2019|Categories: Junior School|

On Thursday afternoon, our Year 5 Junior School team competed in a Virtual Debating experience against St Catherine’s Catholic College (NSW).  The team included Isla Lifshen, Jack d’Emden, Makaela Fulton and Amelie Geddes.  The topic of the debate was ‘ Phones should not be allowed to be turned on during school hours’. The Scotch Oakburn College team was the affirmative and presented the argument on why phones shouldn’t be allowed to be turned on during school hours. The team won the debate by one point!

The team was outstanding in their first debate, […]

11 04, 2019

Year 8 to 12 Parent/Student/Teacher Conference Bookings for Monday 29 April

2019-04-11T11:01:33+11:0011 April, 2019|Categories: Middle School, Senior School|

I would like to remind you about the Parent/Student/Teacher Conference Day being held for your child(ren) on Monday 29 April.

This day will be a student free day and staff will be available for ten-minute conferences from 10.00am onwards.  There are limited spots available and bookings can be made as per the instructions emailed to parents. This is a change to our current system,  based on feedback from parents/guardians and staff we have received over the past few years. There is a second round of Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences for your child in Term 3 (see the ePlanner) held on separate evenings.  If […]

11 04, 2019

Vacation Care

2019-04-12T10:18:43+11:0011 April, 2019|Categories: Junior School|

The Term 1 Vacation Care program details are available online or from the Outside School Hours Care room in the Early Learning Centre. With Easter and ANZAC Day falling in the school holiday period this year, the program will run on the 6 normal business days in the two-week school holiday.

Week 1 is from Monday 15 April – Thursday 18 April 18 and Week 2 is Wednesday 24 April and Friday 26 April.

Vacation Care is based at the Elphin Campus and is open to students aged 3-12 from Scotch Oakburn and other schools and usual Commonwealth Government Child Care Subsidies […]

11 04, 2019

Senior School Round Square

2019-04-11T10:56:38+11:0011 April, 2019|Categories: Round Square, Senior School|

The importance of the Internationalism and Environment Ideals

Humans have long pondered about the existence of other life in the universe, and given the fact that there are billions of stars and trillions of planets, the probability that some of these planets could harbour life seems quite good. But if this is the case, as physicist Enrico Fermi once famously asked, “where is everybody?”.

Despite all our searching, we have found no evidence of intelligent life in the universe. One possible answer to this question is the Great Filter theory, which suggests that intelligent civilisations all reach a point where they develop […]

10 04, 2019

Girls’ Tennis Finals

2019-04-10T12:29:43+11:0010 April, 2019|Categories: Middle School, Senior School|

Scotch Oakburn played in the NSATIS Finals in all three senior divisions in Girls’ Tennis, indicating a very high standard of play this season across the Senior First, Second and Third teams.

The Senior First Team, in seeded order, of Lucy Jones (captain) (Year 12), Tiana Philp (Year 9), Rebecca Clarke (Year 7), Gabby Walker (Year 11) and Lousie Tyson (Year 11) travelled to Devonport to play St Brendan-Shaw College.  The match was a closely-fought contest with all girls playing magnificent tennis, finally resolving in St Brendan-Shaw as 2019 premiers.

The Senior Second Team, in seeded order, of Sarah Gower (Year 9), […]

9 04, 2019

Daily lessons in resilience for kids

2019-04-09T16:49:15+11:009 April, 2019|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School, Wellbeing|

by Michael Grose

Recently, I saw a mother give a simple, yet profound resilience lesson to her three-year-old. The toddler fell into his dog’s bowl, saturating his t-shirt and giving himself a fright. His mum quickly helped him saying, “Oh well!” The three-year-old bravely parroted his mother, saying, “Oh well!” and dashed off to play.

It’s in our reactions to these and other everyday mistakes, mess-ups, muck-ups and hurts where the big lessons in resilience are taught and reinforced.

The lessons for the three-year-old were simple but profound. “Oh well” meant:

  • Stuff happens
  • Don’t look for fault or blame
  • Keep your perspective
  • […]

9 04, 2019

Junior Round Square Conference

2019-04-12T14:28:11+11:009 April, 2019|Categories: Middle School, Round Square|

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The experiences we face in life play a major role in defining who we are and who we become. For most of the Scotch Oakburn College students, these experiences are already shaping their outlook on life. The program offered by Woodleigh School for this year’s Junior Round Square Conference has been amazing, perfectly moulding environment, service and adventure into a package that focuses on developing the whole person. This experience will have a positive and lasting effect on all participants.

Clyde Goosen
Middle School Round Square Coordinator


8 04, 2019

Equestrian Team Makes Polocrosse State Final

2019-04-12T14:07:36+11:008 April, 2019|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Senior School|

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The Tasmanian State Polocrosse Finals, held on Saturday 6 April at Gowrie Park, showcased many current and past students. All riders had worked extremely hard throughout the season, which started back in October to make the finals. It was an action-packed day with the final games played under lights. Although this is not a schools event we did have many Scotch Oakburn College riders from all ages attend, and the results were as follows:

Making the D Grade finals, were clubs Midlands and Kentish. The winning team, Midlands, consisted […]