11 March, 2022


#beyou!…what does that mean?

The creation of a meaningful motto is one important learning hook to set the scene at the beginning of each year.  Our Middle School Community has been challenged and is pleasingly showing signs of inspiration of living #beyou.  The measurement of this motto is throughout the College’s Learner Attributes.

The evidence and deep understanding is often within the unpacking of emotional and social learning moments with young teenagers.  Throughout these discussions, often the student reflection is centred around an experience and then realisation that the toughest job in our life is to be yourself.  Not to follow others, not live in envy, not to be jealous but be prod of your effort, your personal best goal achievement and to be the same person in real-life as you are online.

The underpinning belief is that every student is good at something!  Daily throughout our Middle School we are fortunate to witness this realisation first-hand that learning starts from a strength or prior knowledge.  The launch of The Resilience Project this week in our mentor groups, focused upon Gratitude.  This focus enables our students to realise the positive impacts upon their learning and life so far and to plan ahead the personal qualities that will enable them to be themselves!

Earlier this week, the following blog was published. It highlights that sometimes it is ok to miss out on some things as you don’t always need to have everything to be happy, connected and content.  Please enjoy the messages from the blog titled: Yes, yes they will be left out.

If you delay smartphones & refuse social media until a time when their brains are more equipped to handle it, they will 100% get left out.

Left out of dangerous tik tok trends.
Left out of Instagram drama.
Left out of Snapchat pics.
Left out of comparison and body image traps.
Left out of knowing what every friend is doing without them.
Left out of mindless scrolling.
Left out of living online.
Left out of burning friendship bridges.
Left out of inappropriate conversations.
Left out of bullying.
Left out of sleepless nights.
Left out of endless distractions.

In a world where we can be anything, wouldn’t it be great if we could all just be ourselves, be happy and content that this is enough.  As we head into the long weekend, it presents a great chance for students to celebrate who they are and not focus on the world that they may be missing out on!


Ben Green
Head of Middle School