18 March, 2022


Our Very Own Blue Tree!

The Blue Tree Project has a mission to spark difficult conversations and encourage people to speak up when battling mental health concerns. The project believes in spreading the message that “it’s OK to not be OK”. This helps to remind us that we can help break down the stigma that is still largely attached to mental health.

The 2022 Student Executive has chosen to make mental health awareness a priority during Term One and is supporting two organisations: Speak Up Stay Chatty and The Blue Tree Project. On Thursday a silver birch tree at Scotch Oakburn Park was repurposed when a group of students from Years 8 and 12, with lots of help from our Works Department, painted it blue. It will serve as a permanent reminder that we should always be thinking of each other’s mental health and asking “RUOK”. This tree will be registered on the Blue Tree Project website along with the other 750+ blue trees all over Australia.

On Tuesday 22 March there will be a “Wear it Blue” free clothes day for all students on the Penquite Campus. Students will bring a gold coin donation and funds raised will go to the two nominated charities. On this day the founder of Speak Up Stay Chatty, Mitch McPherson, will be speaking to Senior School students.

Congratulations to Harry Birchmore and Lily Cleeland and their team from the Student Executive for their efforts in driving this very important awareness raising project.

Stuart Walls
Head of Senior School