13 May, 2022


Mr Andy Gray

The College farewelled retiring Board Chairperson Mr. Andy Gray this week, following a long and dedicated period of service to the governance of the College.

His retirement this week follows a remarkable length of volunteering of Andy’s skills and experience to the College over the past 16 years. Andy commenced on the College Finance Committee in 2006 where he has remained a member until now, bringing considerable financial management, planning and audit skills to the Committee.

He joined the College Board in 2011 and went on to assume the role of Chairperson of the Board in May 2019, three years ago. This period, as for many organisations, has been a particularly challenging time regarding Covid-19. Among many other things, Andy’s time as Chairperson can be reflected on by:

1.    His steady and measured oversight of the College during the COVID pandemic which has been particularly noticeable to the College community. What could have been a very negative period for the College has been transferred into a significant positive regarding enrolments, finances and College reputation, no doubt in large part to Andy’s leadership of the Board.

2.    The development of the new 15-year strategic plan for the College, SOC 2035. An enormous amount of work and strategic oversight was achieved by the Board working in close collaboration with College management to deliver SOC 2035, and Mr. Gray leaves a very solid legacy in place for the College within the strategic plan.

3.    The obvious productive relationship that Andy has had with the Principal and the management of the College. The two Andy’s have formed a wonderful partnership with the College being the beneficiary of this. The recent reappointment of the Principal for another term, effectively arranged by the Chairperson, continues an important and positive era for the College.

The College’s Remuneration and Governance Committee, which oversees succession planning of the skills-based College Board, has recently considered appropriate Board nominations and at the Annual General Meeting of the College last week, three existing casual Directors were endorsed to commence their first term of office on the Board – Jessica Woodroffe, Emma Vincour and Jim Wilson. These members bring considerable skills in education, legal, governance and risk management to the College.

Mr David Finnigan

Further, at a College meeting of Directors this week, David Finnigan was appointed as the new Chairperson of the College Board. Mr. Finnigan has been a College Director since 2016 and has been the Deputy Chairperson of the Board for the last three years. He is a respected Executive Manager and Professional Engineer with significant industry, executive management, strategic business development and leadership skills.

Ms Rebecca Cuthill

Ms. Rebecca Cuthill has been appointed the new Deputy Chairperson of the College Board. Ms. Cuthill has been a College Director since 2018 and brings skills in effective communication, strategic management, fundraising, leadership and mentoring to her governance role in the College.

I take this opportunity to thank Andy Gray, on behalf of the College community for his lasting contribution and service – and welcome new Chairperson David Finnigan, and Deputy Chairperson Rebecca Cuthill to their roles.

Calton Frame
Board Secretary and College Business Manager