15 10, 2021


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Welcome to Term 4 and I hope all families enjoyed a relaxing and refreshing break. This term we welcome 26 new students to the College, eight in Early Learning and 18 across Prep to Year 9. Enrolments for 2022 are being finalised and we now have waiting lists in Early Learning 4-Year-old, and Years 2, 6, 7 and 8. In addition, a number of other year levels are filling. The College has maximum student numbers designated at each year level to ensure that our total enrolment is appropriate for our facilities, programs and spaces and that we can guarantee that […]

15 10, 2021


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As Term 4 commences, there are two key pieces of information that I want to pass on to all parents in the ongoing evolution of COVID protocols and actions.

Firstly, if parents are entering the school grounds to drop their child(ren) off at their classroom or similar and then leave the campus, there is no requirement to sign in or use the Check-In TAS App. However, should you be staying longer than two or three minutes, for example meeting a teacher, enjoying a coffee at Laneway on Thursday or attending LIVE, then you are still required to check-in. Thank you.

Secondly, in […]

15 10, 2021


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VIBES is a FREE outdoor concert held on Thursday 21 October on the Penquite Campus Green from 4.30pm – 7.00pm.

The line-up for VIBES features Collegians, Angus Leighton (’13) and his Jump-Jive/Swing Band, as well as Fergus Poynter (’14) and Emily Sanzaro (nee Husband ’99). There will also be performances from current students including the Year 5 Rock Band and a Community Jamming session.

VIBES will be a licenced event and feature the culinary delights from Small Grain, Seoul Food, Toong Thong Thai, Nitro Ella, Little Devil Donuts and the good old BBQ. It […]

15 10, 2021


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This Saturday 16 October the Scotch Oakburn College community is supporting the White Ribbon Foundation’s call for boys and men to stand in solidarity with all the women in our lives and say a loud NO to the abuse of women and children in our community.

We will be part of a powerful photo of men and boys standing together with George Bailey and Launceston’s Mayor, Albert van Zetten and Deputy Mayor, Danny Gibson.

The photo will be taken on the UTAS Stadium playing surface at 10.30am (sandshoes only). Students are requested to wear full summer uniform and will be free to […]

15 10, 2021


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Welcome to Term 4

Excitement plus! Starting school for the first time, starting at a new school, being back at school, renewing and making friendships, resetting personal goals, embracing new learning challenges in the classroom, exploring the playground… all these and more were awash across the Junior School this week.

Welcome to the new Term to all students and families, with a particular welcome to those who have just joined the College learning community for the first time and to the Early Learners who started their school life this week. Best wishes to every student for a Term that opens new learning […]

24 09, 2021


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Each term has its own pace and rhythm, with this term’s activities being focused on Winter sport, STEAM+ in Year 10, National Science Week and Children’s Book Week, Digital Technologies Expo, Cows Create Careers in Year 8, Education Outdoors Programs, EY8, 9 Alive, TCE Deadlines, Spring Concert, and of course Shrek, the Musical.

We’ve also recognised and celebrated some wonderful achievements and important social issues: our first group of Alliance Francaise competitors, Maths relay success, intra and inter-school Public Speaking and Debating, Reconciliation Chapel Service, Diversity Day and the Tamar Valley Peace Festival. That […]

24 09, 2021


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For the safety and wellbeing of our community, it is important that we adhere to all Tasmanian Government and Scotch Oakburn College’s COVID-19 protocols.

The required protocols have been documented in this Information Guide and detail all specific practices that have been implemented.  Please read this document carefully to familiarise yourself with your responsibilities. It should also be noted that all the required information is also located via our website here.

The safety of our students and College community continues to be the main priority for the College. Whilst the current COVID-19 situation in Tasmania is […]

24 09, 2021


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A reminder that summer uniform is to be worn in Term 4, beginning on Monday 11 October. Be sure to visit the College Shop for all you need before the end of term. See the shop website page for opening hours.  Orders can also be made online using your My School Connect account.  The College Shop will also be open on Friday 8 October from 9.00am to 5.00pm for general sales. No appointments are necessary.

Online Orders will be delivered to students during the first week of Term 4 or can be collected […]

24 09, 2021


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The annual House Languages Carnival was held today, 24 September; the best way to celebrate and end Term 3! Each House had six students, representing the three languages taught at the College, contesting to answer a range of cultural and linguist questions; well done to all those students that participated.

In addition to the quiz, there were also some small cultural performances, French (mime), Japanese (origami) and Chinese (fan dance), undertaken by some Year 6 and Year 7 students.

To start the Languages Carnival, this year we also had a welcome video from Junior School students wishing their older classmates a successful […]

24 09, 2021


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End of Term

Thank you to every member of our learning community for your contribution to such a productive and action-packed Term 3. Right across our four SOC2035 strands of Learning, Wellbeing, Community and Capacity much has been achieved over these last ten weeks. Today’s CONNECT@Elphin, led by Year 3 Kerrison students, focused on the things that are so much fun at school and on the importance of having fun in the things we do both inside and outside the classroom; all through the eyes of Year 3 students.

I trust that Term 3 had included much fun as learning, play and […]