8 12, 2023


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Avoid the January Back to School rush!

Top up on your uniform requirements now or book your appointment here.

A reminder that from the beginning of Term One:

  • Year 2 students are required to wear formal uniform
  • Year 4 students are required to wear a blazer
  • Year 6 students have a change of sock!

The last day to drop in your uniform items for second-hand sales will be 14 December 2023.  All items must be presented in good/very good condition. Items that have not been laundered or are not the current style will not be accepted.

Uniform items can be purchased […]

1 12, 2023


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Walk to School Day!

This morning a wave of walkers were seen setting the pace along Elphin Road from City Park, to raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity by ‘walking to school’!  Thank you to families and staff for their support, encouragement and effort to make a positive difference!

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A Connected Community

In the coming days, the Junior School students are excited to welcome families and special guests into their learning world for end of year celebrations.  These moments are a chance to show gratitude for the support from our dedicated staff and supportive parents […]

24 11, 2023


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The week of sounds and sights around Elphin!

Around and throughout the Elphin Campus this week there has been plentiful evidence of learning in action!  The Year 3 Bike Education program, led by our HPE staff, highlighted the courage and determination from our Year 3 students as they learnt more about road safety with their bikes and also skills for lifelong benefits.  The Elphin Campus ‘highways’, ‘streets’ and ‘avenues’ provided many great moments for our students to display their skills and bike handling ability.

A highlight this week was to see and listen to the Summer Concerts from our Year 4 and […]

17 11, 2023


2023-11-17T12:48:30+11:0017 November, 2023|Categories: Junior School|

Year 4 Leadership Day

This week our future Year 5 leaders of 2024, enjoyed a day of challenge, insight and opportunities with leadership development and qualities unpacked by our guest presenter, Mr Doug Grubert.  Doug is an adventurer and leader in many educational settings.  A key message was that Leadership often starts with or involves failure! This concept provided context with Doug sharing reflections on several Antarctic sailing experiences that he has led over the past 20 years.  The Year 4 students had opportunities to test their leadership learning with challenging games and activities in the […]

17 11, 2023


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As a Chaplain, we have opportunities that create blessings for everyone on their special occasions.  Last week, this unique style of communal blessing occurred for our Year 5 students’ Grandparents’ and Friends’ Day.

For those in our community who weren’t able to make this special occasion, I am sharing the blessing in this article so that you can feel included and be aware of the special place you hold in our student’s hearts.

“We have been talking to the students this Term about legacy and I notice in the Collins Dictionary that it can […]

10 11, 2023


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Learning with our Head, Heart and Hands!

During this week at the Year 2, 2024 Parent Information Evening, we highlighted the concept of providing meaningful learning opportunities that ensure that our learners develop the skills of thinking through their head, heart and hands. Often these opportunities involve multiple ‘layers’ of learning and are concept-based.  Throughout the Junior School, every day in every week, these moments are alive.  We continue to celebrate the development of the tools of learning and these explicit teaching moments ensure that our students develop all their communication skills in literacy, mathematics and beyond. It is then the […]

3 11, 2023


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Leadership in action

As Term Four propels into full swing, student leadership becomes more and more evident.  These include excellent examples of Senior Student leadership supporting our recent Education Outdoors Programs for the Junior School, our Year 5 students leading celebratory events and hosting special guests and our Year 4 Leadership Day being planned for upcoming weeks.  “Finding the gold within” is a term referenced by Kurt Hahn, the founder of Round Square. I am reminded of this around the campus as our students young and old in age continue to step up and find out more about themselves, and on […]

27 10, 2023


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Celebrating a Legacy of Student Leadership

A highlight this week for our Elphin Campus community was the return of 2016 Year 5 student leaders, as part of the Year 12 Valedictory Week.  On Thursday morning our current Year 5 students hosted the Final Assembly for our Year 12 Leavers.  A special moment for students, staff and families to re-connect with the Junior School years, a chance to enjoy discussing the memories of their time at the Elphin Campus.

One highlight was the signing of  ‘Lanterns’ by our current Year 5 students, paying tribute to […]

20 10, 2023


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Over the Term break I had the great pleasure of accompanying a delegation of students and staff to the 55th Round Square International Conference in Nairobi, Kenya.  

The experience kicked off with a pre-conference tour in Dubai. While in the UAE, students were exposed to historic Dubai and traditional Emirati culture, but also experienced the new Dubai- with its extensive development, modern architecture and luxury shopping.   

The highlights of the pre-conference included learning about the Islamic religion by visiting a Mosque, being Adventurous by dune-bashing in a […]

20 10, 2023


2023-10-20T11:52:26+11:0020 October, 2023|Categories: Junior School|

Welcome back!

Term Four has many learning opportunities for all. This week we have enjoyed many highlights of creating community learning celebrations with the much-anticipated opening of the River Play Area in the Prep/Year 1 Play Space being one of these.  This new development highlights the creativity of our community with many aspects of the ‘water park’ being constructed from recyclable materials from our College.  The Grand Opening highlighted the excitement and connection to the play that our students are so excited to share.  A special thanks to our Grounds and Works team for […]