9 04, 2021


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My parents always told me that the 3 R’s of education are: Reading Writing and (A)rithmetic. Let’s not worry about the fact that two of those don’t start with the letter ‘R’. Then, at the first school I taught at, the joke was that the 3 R’s stood for Rowing, Rugby and Repeating. Today we speak of the 3 R’s of 21st century education as Respect, Responsibility and Relationships. It is the third of these that I want to focus on.

People are social beings. Research tells us that being innately social, our brains find individual thinking less natural and more […]

9 04, 2021


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A reminder that Term 2 means winter uniform.

To help with the change, the Uniform Shop will be open on the following days and times:

Last week of school holidays

Wednesday 21 April
9.00am – 5.00pm (by appointment only)

Thursday 22 and Friday 23 April
9.00am – 12.00pm (by appointment)
12.30pm – 5.00pm (no appointment necessary)

Appointments can be booked on the Uniform Shop page of our website – use this link now.

A reminder that purchases can also be made online at any time through your My School Connect Account and then collected from the shop during opening hours.

Deanne Dietrich
College Shop Manager

9 04, 2021


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End of Term

Thank you to all members of the College community who have contributed to such an inspiring Term’s learning!  Starting school for the first time for many Early Learning students, beginning the countdown to the first 100 days of school for Preps, Year 5 Leadership Day, The Resilience Project (Prep- Year 5), swimming programs and carnivals for many, Education Outdoors programs for Years 5, 4 and 3, and Brixhibition have been notable highlights among a wide range of learning experiences and challenges that we have enjoyed together over the course of the Term.

Best wishes to all families for an […]

8 04, 2021


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Author: Michael Grose


That doesn’t mean that such families are devoid of conflict or criticism, but that they are generally pleasant environments to be part of.

One way to increase good feelings in your family is to increase the number of compliments kids hear at home.

As a general rule, the ratio of compliments to criticism should be around five to one. That is, there should be five times more positive, affirming comments than negative comments.

In unhealthy families, this ratio is often reversed. Five negative comments for every one positive comment makes for a pretty toxic environment.

How does your family rate on this scale?

If […]

7 04, 2021


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We are pleased to provide a community news section in our news highlighting events in the wider Launceston community that may be of interest to families. Included this week:

  • Auskick – East Launceston Junior Football Club
  • Hockey Tasmania Term 2&3 hockey 6-12years
  • Haus Creative holiday program
  • Rascal Art holiday program

Go to community news

1 04, 2021


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This Term, the Boarding House partnered with the Migrant Resource Centre and the Royal Life Saving Association of Tasmania to run a four-week Aquatic Safety Program for a small group of recently arrived immigrants.

Many of the participants originated from Iran and Afghanistan, and have been settled in Tasmania for around four years.  Most were primary school-aged, ranging from 6 to 12 years old, however, we did have a small group of men in the late 30s and early 40s.  The aquatic program for some was their first experience of receiving formal instruction.  Traditionally […]

1 04, 2021


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With new faces coming through the door on a regular basis, it has been great to see the number of students, staff and parents who use our fitness centre. As always, we encourage others within our College community to come and use this great facility.

With the Easter and school holidays quickly approaching, I want to make you aware of the opening hours.

The fitness centre will be closed this Good Friday (2 April). However, it will be open Monday 5 April and Tuesday 6 April from 6.00am until 8.00am. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week will be normal hours (6.00am […]

1 04, 2021


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What are we grateful for?  This question is a daily element of the Resilience Project for students from Prep to Year 5. It was also asked at last week’s Year 2-5 House meetings and from these meetings, the individual responses were linked as chains to symbolise the bonding within each House as well as collectively across the Junior School.

The Term 1 House Captains shared this at today’s Easter Service on the Elphin Campus.

Best wishes to all Junior School families for a happy and safe Easter break before we return for three […]

1 04, 2021


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Author: Michael Grose


Regularity and routine are the agents of sleep. It takes discipline to adhere to and commitment to making sleep a high priority. Helping kids understand how their body clock works, assisting them to work out their optimal bedtime and putting lifestyle habits in place can help them get the sleep they need to maximise their learning, wellbeing, development and overall performance. Here are some tips to help:

Understand the body clock

Sleep is regulated by a 24-hour body clock that manages the secretion of melatonin to send us to sleep and cortisol to wake us up. This amazing body […]