26 05, 2023


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The Power of Picture Books for young children

This week’s National Simultaneous Storytime saw more than 2 million listeners in schools, libraries and other institutions around Australia captivated by the reading of ‘The Speedy Sloth’ (from Taronga Zoo in Sydney) by author Rebecca Young and illustrator Heath McKenzie. NSS is an annual Australia-wide group reading and literacy event designed to promote the value and fun of books and reading. Helping young children get hooked on reading is one of the most powerful learning initiatives we can commit to – at school and at home. The broader cognitive as well as social-emotional development […]

26 05, 2023


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This week, our Year 9 and 10 students received some quiet time to do an exercise, following on from what they heard from our guest speaker, Luke Kennedy at the beginning of day.

During these reflections, the students were able to discern what strategies they learnt from Luke that would give them more peace and patience in their lives.  They were even able to assess what took away their peace, and what made them impatient and then list out the strategies that they were going to engage with to ensure that they don’t engage in them again, thereby giving them more […]

19 05, 2023


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As you might be aware, the College is undertaking a rigorous accreditation process with the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF). One of the key steps in our accreditation journey was to conduct a thorough review of our existing policies and procedures. We examined every aspect of our school’s operations, from recruitment and vetting processes to behaviour management strategies and reporting mechanisms. This critical self-assessment allowed us to identify areas that required improvement and implement changes to strengthen our child safety framework.

With our policies and procedures now updated, the College reaches a significant milestone in the process next week, when we complete […]

19 05, 2023


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Road Safety Week

This week is an opportune time to remind ourselves of the importance of road safety – for both drivers and pedestrians – around the Elphin Campus, in particular between 8:20 am and 8:45 am and 2:50 pm and 3:15 pm daily.

Close supervision of children around the gates, on footpaths, when getting in or out of vehicles and when crossing streets is vitally important. Pedestrians crossing Elphin Road should use the traffic light crossing and in Claremont and Erina Streets (there are no pedestrian crossings) an adult should always support children crossing the road.

Drivers should adhere to all traffic […]

19 05, 2023


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We start the series of Chapels for the Senior School this week that integrates peace and patience.   This will be an inspiring service where our students have the opportunity to think about and integrate what they think they need to engage with more to bring life satisfaction in these two areas.

As I was playing around with the reflection that I have been doing over the past few days, I have been working out that it is actually patience that quite often brings about peace.

This week, I have had the pleasure of accompanying the Year 9s on their Community Service Program […]

12 05, 2023


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How important is sleep for children’s learning and wellbeing?

Sleep is especially important for children and young people because it helps with mental, physical, social and emotional development. Sleep helps our brains to remember, memorise and analyse important information. All of this improves engagement and performance at school.

Children in the 6-12 age groups who get less than nine hours of sleep per night have significant differences in brain regions responsible for attention, memory, intelligence, inhibition control and well-being compared to those who get the recommended 9-11 hours of sleep per night, according to a new study at the University of Maryland School […]

12 05, 2023


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Author: Judith Locke – Clinical Psychologist, speaker, author


Justine was chopping carrots for dinner, as her son, Sam, was doing his homework in his room. Peace reigned until a loud scream suddenly came from Sam, ‘Aggh! I can’t do it. I’m so stupid!’

What did Justine do next?

Well, if she was like many parents, she would leap into action. She’d race to her child’s side to see what the kerfuffle was. When she got there, she’d ask what was wrong. And Sam might reply about the maths question he didn’t get right or the diorama in which the cardboard wasn’t doing what […]

5 05, 2023


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Lifelong Learners

‘Every classroom channels and shapes student development, not just as knowers of facts but as learners.’ Renowned international educator Guy Claxton talks about how the attitudes and habits shaped at school have a powerful impact on students’ long-term success in life. ‘They are the most important residues of those long years of study’.

It can sometimes be all too easy for teachers and parents to focus on building students’ knowledge and skills – to learn more and to learn better – without always paying attention to the underlying mental habits and mindsets that students need to become more effective learners […]

5 05, 2023


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ChaplaincyConnect has started this Term’s chapel focus on “Peace” and “Patience”.

In the Elphin Campus last Friday, Prep to Year 2 students were able to do a special rendition of the Peace Song.  If your child was not able to attend, here is the link for them to learn it at home:  https://youtu.be/F62L1TaDIUk

It was a lot of fun as each class learnt one section and then came together and sang it in their order, joining together at the end to sing, Let Peace Be Our Way.

On Wednesday, Year 6 heard from six students about when they experience peace […]