9 12, 2022


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As we approach the end of the academic year, it is the perfect time to reflect on the year that has been; the growth of our students both personally and in their learning, and the many activities they have been involved in, and excelled at, that has made this year special for each and every one of them. It is the combined engagement and involvement in the classroom and beyond, that collectively develops the dynamic and vibrant learning community that we enjoy at Scotch Oakburn. For that, I thank all students, staff, […]

9 12, 2022


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Recovery efforts continue from the flood event at Scotch Oakburn Park with respect to necessary cleaning and restoration.  Grounds and Work teams, and external contractors continue to monitor the situation and provide necessary support in assisting with restoration processes.  A full update on the process can be found on this link.

Adrian Brock
College Services Manager

9 12, 2022


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Early in 2023, you, our College community, will experience a new way to receive a lot of the College’s day-to-day communications. We’re more than aware, that, for some, at times, our school to home communications can be somewhat overwhelming and hard to navigate.

For the past several months, the College has been investigating ways in which this can be significantly improved.

These improvements will be focussed on an enhanced Dash user experience and notifications that you will receive from it. It will become the College’s primary way that you will receive its day-to-day communication.

In the New Year, information will be circulated on […]

9 12, 2022


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Last week of Term 4 opening hours 

The College Shop will open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday for uniform purchases and collection of second-hand uniform items. The Shop will close on Friday 16 December and re-open on Monday 16 January.

For a complete list of opening hours for January 2023, please visit the College Shop website page via this link.

We look forward to helping all our College families in 2023.

Deanne Dietrich
College Shop Manager

9 12, 2022


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As mentioned in last week’s College news, the Penquite Green is being resurfaced to provide better drainage which will prevent waterlogging and allow year-round use.

This has involved a variety of different machines such as excavators, graders, dump trucks, and bobcats to dig, push, and smooth the soil across the oval. But how were things such as this done years ago, before heavy machines were widely available? In the College Archives, there are a couple of photos from 1917, which show an industrious group of boys who decided they needed soil to create […]

9 12, 2022


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It has been a wonderful year for Round Square at Scotch Oakburn College with the return of many events and activities including Year 8 exchanges and the College sending six student delegates to the Round Square International Conference in the UK.

In 2023, it is expected that there will be even more opportunities for students. Regional conferences will return aimed at students in Years 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. The Year 8 exchange program will see more schools participating in the Asia Pacific Region, and our Year 10 students will be […]

8 12, 2022


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As the year draws to a close for many, it is at this time of year that the Performing Arts Department kicks into full gear across the whole of the College. With planning for next year well underway, I am excited to announce next year’s College Productions.

Following on from the success of the Jungle Book in 2022, Year 5 students will be returning to the Horton Auditorium at the end of Term 2 to perform Disney’s The Lion King Kids. The African savannah will come to life on the Horton stage with Simba, Rafiki and an unforgettable […]

8 12, 2022


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All students in Prep to Year 11 have now received their copy of the Yearbook. Year 12 will receive their copy at Celebration.  Any students who were away on the day of distribution should see their class teacher / Head of House to get their copy.  The Yearbook is also available online should you wish to share with family further afield.  Go to https://yearbook.soc.tas.edu.au to view.

8 12, 2022


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Learning Celebrations

Thank you to all families who were able to attend end of year celebration events with their children on the Elphin Campus this week. It has been a very exciting week for students as the end of the school year draws near. The support of parents and families right across the Junior School throughout 2022 has been greatly appreciated by all Staff as we work together to achieve the best for each and every student. Thank you!

To students and families leaving the College this year, we wish you every success in your […]

8 12, 2022


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A big thank you to students, staff and parents who have used the fitness centre this school year. It is always wonderful to see people active, no matter their fitness level, trying to improve their overall fitness and well-being. A massive thank you to Tim Reese, Jemma Blair and Liam Canny for their work throughout this year.

Over the break, the fitness centre will be open from 6:00 am until 8:00 am on the following dates. Tim will be on-site to set individualised programs and run classes.

Monday 19 December 19
Wednesday 21 December

Monday 9 January
Wednesday 11 January
Friday 13 January
Monday 16 January
Wednesday 18 […]