14 05, 2021


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The commencement of Term 2 sees some noticeable additions to College facilities.

A large screen and projector have been installed in the Year 9/10 common area of Helix, allowing quality projection of visual presentations to students within this large auditorium space. The installation was considered during the design phase of the Helix building, with its need becoming increasingly apparent over past years to maximise the functionality of the space. Whilst its application will be predominantly for student use, it will also provide additional flexibility for use during College community events and functions in this precinct.

To cater for the […]

14 05, 2021


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In recent weeks, including over the holiday break, a number of students have achieved success across a range of activities.

Public Speaking: Will Scott (Year 12) won the Lions Public Speaking State Final and is in the National Final in Canberra in May.

Gymnastics – Trampolining: Lucy Chesterman (Year 12) has been selected in the Tasmanian Gymnastics Team to compete at the Australian Championships in May.

Rowing: After a very successful rowing season for our club, Heidi Schouten and Lindsay Calvert topped off the Girls Crew’s win in the Head of the River with a 2nd place in U19 pair at the National […]

14 05, 2021


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On Wednesday evening we kicked off the first of three Staff Culinary Therapy and Education sessions. This one was titled ‘Hey There, Sweet Thing!’

Nine staff from a range of areas and departments at the College, both teaching and non-teaching, took on the challenge of learning about textural and compositional changes to sweet treats. Our menu consisted of Strawberry and Vanilla Macarons, Lemon Meringue Pie and Honey Pannacotta. We began with something to nibble while watching an educational Macaron demonstration, where specific culinary terminology was taught, like the term ‘Macaronage’.

It was such a wonderful experience […]

14 05, 2021


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Antony & Paddington at Scotch Oakburn this week

I admit it – I was an eye-roller. When my Grandmother spoke to me about just how challenging things were for her growing up I would respectfully listen then allow my eyes to deviate somewhere near the back of my head as I turned away (taking a huge slice of jam sponge cake with me). It never occurred to me at the time that these stories were important to my development, that anecdotes of saving all year for an outfit would be character inspiring. I […]

14 05, 2021


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A word’ from our students about the World Peace Game

The following insights are from students in Year 7V, who have just enjoyed the ‘global challenges’ associated with the World Peace Game.  Thank you to Mr Simon Dray for his coordination of this dynamic team event.  The student responses are reminders to all of us, to reflect on the key attributes for what makes successful teams, friendships, communities and ‘worlds’.

Q. What was the purpose or point of playing the World Peace Game for you?

The purpose of the world peace games is to put us in a […]

14 05, 2021


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Senior and Middle School House Cross Country Tuesday 18 May at SOP 12.50pm-3.10pm

AFL boys Seconds play SPC at SOP on Saturday 15 May at 10.30am

Hockey Girls Firsts play TC on Monday at 6.30 pm

Hockey Boys Firsts play TC on Monday at 7.30 pm

Hockey Boys U16 play SPC tonight at 7.30pm

Hockey Girls U16 play TC tonight at 6.30pm

Badminton SOC firsts play Grammar Black on Monday at Grammar 4.15pm

Badminton SOC Gold play SOC Navy at the HPEC on Monday at 4.15pm

Netball fixtures this Saturday at Hobbler Bridge

Soccer MS girls play LCGS at SOP at 4.15pm

Netball –

14 05, 2021


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Author:  Maggie Dent


Family rituals strengthen the sense of warm connectedness in families. This makes sense, given that the number one biological need for every human is the hunger to belong, and to be accepted, valued and loved.

The disruption of life in 2020 saw many families unable to go about their normal activities, and for many, family rituals reclaimed their valuable position. For some, it was simply going for walks together, riding bikes together, baking, or watching movies together complete with homemade popcorn.

So how can families create and maintain small rituals that make such a difference?

Turn routines into rituals

Bedtime routines […]

7 05, 2021


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On Thursday 20 May, the College is hosting a 24-hour Giving Day focused on generating support to fully fund the Community Service Scholarship. These scholarships will be offered to new students entering the College in Year 11 and will be fully funded to cover all costs through to the end of Year 12. Your donation will contribute to supporting up to 12 students including six boarders.

With your help, we can reach our Giving Day goal of $467,600.

For the 24 hour period, your tax-deductible gift will be matched by our generous matched donors, […]

7 05, 2021


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The Middle and Senior School InterHouse Cross Country Carnival will be held on Tuesday 18 May at Scotch Oakburn Park. Starting times are as follows –

Year 6 Girls and Boys  12.50pm
U/13 Girls and Boys  1.05pm
U/14 Girls and Boys   1.20pm
U/15  Girls and Boys   1.40pm
U/16 and  Open Girls   2.10pm
U/16 and Open Boys    2.40pm

In order to guarantee the safety of students on the cross-country course, no student, staff or parent vehicles will be allowed to enter or exit the grounds at Scotch Oakburn Park throughout the duration of the carnival (12.00pm – 3.25pm). Please park […]

7 05, 2021


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Finding the Gold Within

Several years ago, I was privileged to accompany a group of Year 5 and Year 6 students to a Junior Round Square Conference, titled: Finding the Gold Within!

The concept was clear, we all have strengths to share with others, to help others, for others to benefit from us, it is the gold within!  Term Two, 2021 offers us all a chance to share our strengths, to further improve and to empower our confidence from these personal ‘strengths’ and to try new opportunities.

One of these opportunities for Year 8 is […]