8 12, 2023


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Avoid the January Back to School rush!

Top up on your uniform requirements now or book your appointment here.

A reminder that from the beginning of Term One:

  • Year 2 students are required to wear formal uniform
  • Year 4 students are required to wear a blazer
  • Year 6 students have a change of sock!

The last day to drop in your uniform items for second-hand sales will be 14 December 2023.  All items must be presented in good/very good condition. Items that have not been laundered or are not the current style will not be accepted.

Uniform items can be purchased […]

8 12, 2023


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Ten excited student delegates from Years 7 to 9 and two staff members (Leigh Cordell and Evie Burk) are enjoying Whanganui Collegiate School in New Zealand, host of the Round Square Junior Conference.

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As part of a pre-conference tour, students explored the city of Wellington, commencing with an experience at Weta Cave. Here, students learnt about all things film and special effects from the company behind the props and costumes of the Lord of the Rings. Students then experienced the famous Wellington Cable Car before exploring the Te Papa Museum, including exhibits on the WW1 […]

1 12, 2023


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Our Senior First Girls Cricket team has won the SATIS statewide girls cricket competition with a convincing win against St Patrick’s College. Congratulations to the team and all its support staff on a great season.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport


Last month, Year 7 student, Solly Boyle returned from a two-week West Ham United Soccer Development Tour in the United Kingdom. Solly was selected at a talent ID camp first here in Northern Tasmania, invited to the National camp on the Gold Coast, and from that camp […]

24 11, 2023


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This weekend we will have six teams competing in the Basketball Tasmania Northern High Schools Tournament. There are 4 boys and 2 girls teams across two divisions. These are combined teams of Year 7/8 and Year 9/10 students. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those staff, coaches and parents who will be assisting with these teams over the weekend. This competition is part of a state-wide event being held this weekend in each of the North, North West and Southern regions. The top three teams from each Division 1 competition in each region will then meet for […]

17 11, 2023


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Legacy National Finals  – Second Place

Year 8 student, Elizabeth Moore, has achieved second place at the Legacy National Finals in Adelaide.  This is a huge win for Lizzie who is proving herself such a gifted orator both with prepared speeches and impromptus. A special thanks to Legacy for their wonderful support of our youth.

Katie Lester
Person-in-Charge of Public Speaking

Civics and Citizenship

Scotch Oakburn College’s ten Learner Attributes are skills that talk about the character of each student, forming the platform for our students to be the architects of their own learning.

Learning opportunities, such as last […]

17 11, 2023


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As a Chaplain, we have opportunities that create blessings for everyone on their special occasions.  Last week, this unique style of communal blessing occurred for our Year 5 students’ Grandparents’ and Friends’ Day.

For those in our community who weren’t able to make this special occasion, I am sharing the blessing in this article so that you can feel included and be aware of the special place you hold in our student’s hearts.

“We have been talking to the students this Term about legacy and I notice in the Collins Dictionary that it can […]

10 11, 2023


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World Peace Games in Action Once Again

Year 7Y students have extricated themselves from economic, social and environmental crises and the threat of imminent war during the World Peace Games last week! This program is a popular and highly engaging hands-on political simulation – experiential learning at its best.

Students learn to work together to gain a greater understanding of how to prevent a country from dangerous circumstances and achieve global prosperity without too much military intervention.

By the end of the week, 7Y students were exhausted but thrilled to be part of such chaos and creativity.

Special thanks to […]

3 11, 2023


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Student Achievements

During the last week of Term Three, eight students represented Tasmania at the National Youth Touch Football Championships on the Sunshine Coast. Congratulations to Year 8 students Chloe Horsman, Macie Petterwood, Millie Sather, Chloe Waldron and Abigail Dracup, Year 7 student Poppy Beaumont and Year 6 students Sarah Horsman and Lucy Johnston on their selection.

Ali Foot
Head of Sport 


26 10, 2023


2023-11-01T08:41:13+11:0026 October, 2023|Categories: Middle School|

Le Cambriolage (The Heist)

On Tuesday, the Year 8 students of French were treated to a very special activity. The school hosted an escape game in French organised by the University of Melbourne.

For the first time, Le Cambriolage (the Heist) and its van are visiting Tasmania.

Students were challenged to find what was stolen and how, thanks to clues, codes and their ingenuous sense of deduction. It was a good opportunity for our students to showcase their vocabulary skills in an authentic context.

Each group of students had to go through a cleverly engineered suitcase full of hidden clues, traps,  decoys and […]

26 10, 2023


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It is extremely pleasing to be able to announce the results for the recent Tasmanian Japanese Speech Contest.  There were over 300 contestants competing from around the State.  This enrichment activity gave students an opportunity to use their spoken Japanese skills.

Well done to those students who put their hand up to have a go at this competition.  It is a hard thing to memorise a speech, particularly in a foreign language, but a great challenge.  Please try again next year!

Year 8 students delivered a memorised speech about “My Place – Tasmania”,  Year 9 students delivered a pre-prepared speech, which they […]