20 10, 2023


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Over the Term break I had the great pleasure of accompanying a delegation of students and staff to the 55th Round Square International Conference in Nairobi, Kenya.  

The experience kicked off with a pre-conference tour in Dubai. While in the UAE, students were exposed to historic Dubai and traditional Emirati culture, but also experienced the new Dubai- with its extensive development, modern architecture and luxury shopping.   

The highlights of the pre-conference included learning about the Islamic religion by visiting a Mosque, being Adventurous by dune-bashing in a […]

20 10, 2023


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World Food Day

To celebrate World Food Day on Monday 16 October, the Year 8 Food Glorious Food class learnt about food security, both in Australia and overseas. They also explored how inflation is affecting some Australian’s ability to afford nutritious food. The class then decided to donate their cooking to Strike It Out!, a local charity dedicated to providing for people in need in Launceston.

The students prepared 23 serves of Thai Chicken Curry and Rice, which were gratefully received by Strike It Out!

Bec Rockliff

20 10, 2023


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It has been a big week in Chaplaincy celebrating our Year 12 students’ Rite of Passage as they take up their future away from the College.

In the mornings, we have enjoyed Choc and Chats in the Middle School Cafe8 and so Year 12 were invited to come along and take the opportunity to farewell their Middle School years.

During pastoral care time, they experienced their final House Chapels with  a blessing in the Peace and Unity Garden.   Each student received a card with their name on it, and over 30 positive affirmations for those times when […]

20 10, 2023


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Australian Interschools Championship at Werribee Equestrian centre

Six Scotch Oakburn College equestrian team members attended the Australian Interschools Championship at Werribee Equestrian Centre over the Term break.

Meg Kilby (Year 9) was unfortunately unmounted with an injury the week prior. She was a tremendous help and support to everyone.

Ella Nast (Year 11), Sophie Ranson (Year 11), Ashlea Rees (Year 10), Lucy Johnston (Year 9) and Abbi Lloyd-Bostock (Year 9) all rode beautifully kicking some major goals and achieving some personal best performances.

Lucy and Ella joined together as a pair riding together in the Pas de Deux […]

29 09, 2023


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Year 6 Chinese Restaurant Lunch Visit

Year 6 Chinese classes had a lunch visit to Me Wah Restaurant this Tuesday and Wednesday as part of their Chinese cultural experience. Each student practised ordering food in Chinese at the restaurant and enjoyed an authentic feast.

The Year 6s demonstrated great respect and manners. Most importantly, their cultural awareness was observed and practised throughout the lunch. For example, inviting teachers to sit in the most respectful seats, pouring tea for each other, taking turns for shared dishes and respectfully using chopsticks, to name a few. Many […]

29 09, 2023


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This morning was a real blessing morning at the final Junior School Connect for the Term.

Firstly, you may recall all the students had taken buckets back to their classrooms recently so they could put a smiley face in their bucket every time they blessed someone or someone blessed them.  Today, the students came back with their buckets, tipped out all the blessings that they had given and received and then we blessed their exponential growth in this area of their life.

Now may they continue this pattern into their blessed holidays and beyond.

Then […]

29 09, 2023


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Forty-five people gathered at the Function Centre of the Launceston Golf Club on Thursday to celebrate Scotch Oakburn’s 118th Hockey season with a beautifully presented two-course meal and trophy presentation evening for the Under-16 and Senior First teams.  Speeches were lively, well presented and of judicious length, so a great time was had by all.  Certificates of Appreciation were presented to Year 12 Leavers by the Acting Principal, Ben Marsland.  Awards presented on the night were:

First XI Girls

Best and Fairest Player –  Lucy Johnston

Best and Fairest runner-up – Audrey Deckart

Coach’s Award – Chloe Leersen

Most Dedicated Player – Emily Knaggs

Top Goal […]

22 09, 2023


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This week we were fortunate to welcome Catherine Manning, founder and CEO of Self Esteem Education and Development (SEED) to our College to run a number of workshops for our Year 6- 10 students.

Catherine delivered some very powerful and engaging workshops looking at the media’s influence in people’s lives and how it often presents a narrow, unobtainable beauty ideal for both males and females.

Our students were encouraged to be very mindful of any information that they receive (particularly through the media) and to take a more holistic approach to their health and […]

22 09, 2023


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One of the joys of being a Chaplain is to see how the students grow and develop as a result of having faithful role models in the later years of our College.

Today, our Year 3-5 Connect@Elphin was addressed by three Penquite Students, Adil Arakkal, Year 9, Aysha Mohammed, Year 10 and Cameron Parker, Year 11.  Each of them spoke in different areas of their life where they are being faithful to themselves, and as such, were very faithful role models for our Junior School students to aspire to, in areas of spirituality, public speaking and physical fitness.

Quite often, spirituality in […]

22 09, 2023


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NHSSA Netball Grand Final

On Saturday 16 September three Scotch Oakburn College teams took to the courts of the Silverdome to play in their grand finals.

Our Junior Firsts took on St Patrick’s College, who were undefeated all season. Unfortunately, our Firsts couldn’t break this streak and were beaten on the day.

The Junior Seconds Navy team played Prospect. Our Navy team finished on top of the ladder two games clear of Prospect, but they weren’t going down without a fight. After four quarters the scores were level, and the game was forced into extra time. Scotch Oakburn settled […]