9 02, 2024


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Over the past week, I have found myself standing at one of our College’s entrance gates, ready to greet the students as they arrive. It’s a simple yet cherished moment—one that sets the tone for my day. Rain or shine, I’ve made a commitment to safeguard this time as much as possible, and it is quickly becoming a ritual I hold dear.

Why do I treasure these early hours? It’s not just about saying hello; it’s about the informal conversations that unfold. As students pass by, I glimpse into their lives—their progress, their […]

9 02, 2024


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If you drive by the Penquite Campus as school starts and ends each day, you may have seen members of our Student Executive at the gates.  We chatted to them to find out why they are there and how it helps them make connections in our community.

9 02, 2024


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I Can! 

Two words that can shape an attitude for life.  The mindset we develop, persist with and eventually create as a habit, is critical to the development of life satisfaction.  The energy that we create from approaching and opportunity and/or a challenge with the self-belief that ‘I can’, can ensure that the opportunity or challenge is given every chance to be a success!  Throughout the preparations for the 2024 school year, our staff team have been collaborating on the wellbeing and learning methods that will ensure a holistic experience for learning […]

9 02, 2024


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Year 5 students visited the Wetlands exhibition at QVMAG this week.

The experience inspired some of their research.  Students brainstormed questions and made sketches in their journals in response.  In Visual Art, they are currently developing these sketches into designs for lino cut prints. Their completed prints will also illustrate part of their classroom research.

We look forward to sharing the outcomes of their learning journey.

Suzanne Creese and Cath Kilner

9 02, 2024


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“What does courage mean to you?” is the question asked of Middle School students this past week, as new beginnings and new opportunities were presented, reflected on and explored.

All of our Middle School students have engaged in new subjects, new classes, new peer groups, new learning spaces, and for some, it has even meant a new school. Courage has needed to be evident as students have navigated many changes, stepping outside of their comfort zones and rising to the new experiences and challenges that new beginnings offer.


“How do we foster connections with […]

9 02, 2024


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On behalf of the Senior School team, I welcome you to another action-packed year on the Penquite Campus. A very special welcome to the 18 Senior School students and their families who have enrolled for the first time at Scotch Oakburn. We are also delighted to welcome all our Year 9 students as they transition through the underpass from the Middle School.

During this first week there have been two significant opportunities for our senior students to work with their younger counterparts in the Middle School in authentic relationship building activities. On Monday […]

8 02, 2024


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We are pleased to provide a community news section in our news highlighting events in the wider Launceston community that may be of interest to families. Included this week:

  • PCYC Trampolining Beginners Classes – aged 4-9
  • Maggie Dent in Launceston – From Boys to Men: Guiding Teen Boys

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