16 10, 2020


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Members of the Round Square senior student committee have paid another visit to the Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) in Mowbray this week. This ongoing partnership to set up a community garden is now progressing well and the students would welcome College community interest and contributions.

Jo Dean, the resident permaculture expert, led the session on Thursday (in the rain) during which students put together the first of 10 wicking beds made of old apple crates. The students also planted a whole range of seeds in old egg cartons to ensure that many seedlings would be ready to […]

16 10, 2020


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Our Digital Technology Club are hosting a Coding Challenge for Round Square Schools. This challenge is all about bringing students together who love programming. All levels of experience are encouraged to have a go.

In the spirit of Round Square collaboration, the group wanted to avoid using the word competition and rather make this opportunity a challenge. They decided to make the judging process collaborative in order for students to interact with each other and share feedback.

This challenge is designed to allow students to be innovative and to create ways to engage an audience in a game. It is designed to motivate […]

18 09, 2020


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The Round Square senior student committee has set up an ongoing partnership with the Migrant Resource centre at their Harmony facility in Mowbray. A group of TCE students and Mr Stuart Walls met on-site with staff from the “Beyond Limits” program and with members of the Bhutanese and Burmese communities. Beyond Limits supports migrants living with a disability, their families and carers through information, linkages and capacity building.  They support migrants by making introductions to informal, community and mainstream supports, creating accessible and welcoming spaces through peer support groups and mentoring […]

11 09, 2020


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The last few months have been hard on young people. A recent study by UNICEF has shown that navigating the COVID-19 world has increased stress, anxiety and uncertainty among Australia’s young people. They are feeling the effects of the pandemic on their own lives, and are also worried about the impact it is having on vulnerable people around the world. The Ration Challenge gives students the power to do something about it.

Put yourselves in the shoes of a refugee for one week, learn about current global issues, develop empathy for others and feel empowered to make a […]

30 07, 2020

Round Square Scotch Oakburn community flag project

2020-07-31T10:15:22+10:0030 July, 2020|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Round Square, Senior School|

We need your help in developing a new Round Square project! A flag display is to be installed on both the Penquite and Elphin campuses to represent the diversity of backgrounds amongst families at Scotch Oakburn College and to remind us of our interconnectedness with the international community, in accordance with the Internationalism IDEAL of Round Square. Each flag displayed will represent the backgrounds, ethnicities and countries of birth of the Scotch Oakburn community.

The display will not only be appreciated by the students, staff and the community of the College, but […]

29 07, 2020

Round Square

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Senior Students Participate in Round Square Global Community Conversation

Buckingham Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA held their second Global Community Conversation last week on Thursday July 23. The virtual conversation was student-led by the Round Square leaders from BBN, Aanika and Daniel. The discussions are held without input from adults to ensure that students can independently understand each other’s thoughts and experiences on the chosen topic. The theme last week was “Stigmas”. The following SOC students took part in the conversation: William Scott, Joe Clyde, Lucy Chesterman, Millie Duigan, […]

23 07, 2020

Year 8 Students present to International Round Square Virtual Conference

2020-07-24T11:54:20+10:0023 July, 2020|Categories: Middle School, Round Square|

Over the past two months, three Year 8 students have been involved in an online Round Square conference run by CheongShim Academy in South Korea. This was designed to replace the cancelled physical event that these students were to attend in March of this year, along with 5 others. Students from Singapore, South Korea, India, the USA and Australia have presented on the theme of the conference: “Reverence for the Past and Aspirations for the future” as it relates to their home environment. On Thursday, it was the turn of Scotch Oakburn College and Amelia Corrigan, Rory Dick and […]

24 06, 2020

Round Square Postcard opportunity

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Next week’s Postcard session will be run by the Kingsley School in England at 8.30pm our time next Wednesday 1 July.

Find out more about the huge debate over English cream tea.
Learn how to speak Cockney rhyming slang and find out where the Queen does her weekly food shop.
We expect this to last 90 minutes and have some really good fun!

The school has advised that it would be really helpful if you either had a dice on you or a dice app on your phone for the event.

If you are interested in […]

17 06, 2020

Year 8 Virtual Round Square Conference

2020-06-19T08:48:21+10:0017 June, 2020|Categories: Middle School, Round Square|

CheongShim International Academy, South Korea

Three Year 8 students, Amelia Corrigan, Rory Dick and Ella Fischer, took part in a Round Square virtual conference last week, led by the student leaders from CheongShim Academy (CSIA) in South Korea. This school and these student leaders were due to run a conference for students aged 13-15 in March of this year but it was cancelled due to Covid-19. The theme of the conference was “Reverence for the Past, Aspirations for the future” and was led by Gahyun Kim, Yelim Kim, Seongjun Cho, Minji Woo […]

12 06, 2020

Round Square Postcards from Japan

2020-06-12T11:15:35+10:0012 June, 2020|Categories: Middle School, Round Square, Senior School|

Thank you to students from Keimei Gakuen in Japan who hosted today’s Zoom Postcard “Welcome to Tokyo” and shared with us interesting facts and quizzes about different aspects of Japanese culture including Places, Music, Anime, Pet Cafes, Origami, Food and Shopping.

They were joined on the call by Alexandra Phillips, Theo Ives, Catherine Bean, Kate McShane and Angus Foster together with more than 100 students from 16 schools from across the Round Square community: Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada (China), The Doon School (India), Colegio de Inglaterra The English School Bogotá (Colombia), […]