14 04, 2022


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On Friday 8 April, the Round Square Chairs were delighted to welcome Dewayne Everettsmith – a palawa man from both the community of Cape Barren Island and gunai/kurnai people of Victoria, as the guest speaker of our Round Square session.

Hailing from Hobart, Dewayne is passionate about the revival and continuation of language (palawa kani), especially in the area of songs for ceremony and dance. He is present in the Tasmanian community as Cultural Awareness Coordinator of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre – having been recognised with a Human Rights Week Award – for […]

8 04, 2022


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My name is Kate McShane, and I am a member of the 2022 Student Executive and Round Square Committee. Within my two leadership groups, I have decided to run a World’s Greatest Shave in Term 2, on Tuesday 14 June 2022.

The World’s Greatest Shave is run by the Leukemia Foundation across Australia and they aim to provide families with support, help fund research and make wigs for those who will sadly lose their hair during chemotherapy.

I am shaving my hair off and have some amazing students joining me on this journey. But we need more. We need you!

I am calling […]

11 03, 2022


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The Duke of Edinburgh Tasmania is organising an opportunity for Tasmanian Duke of Edinburgh participants to experience five days on board of the Lady Nelson Tall Ship, while learning to sail and operate a Tall Ship.

While the dates of this experience are still be to determined it will occur in the second half of the year. Expressions of interest are now open and close on Monday 18 April. There are seven places statewide only.

The estimated cost of this trip is approximately $1000.00 and this trip would meet all requirements for either Adventurous […]

4 03, 2022


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Learner Attributes at the heart of progress

Over the past year there has been a great deal of progress made towards ensuring greater awareness and recognition of the College’s ten Learner Attributes.

Last year teachers began using the language of the attributes as part of their feedback to students, whether this be a comment published as a piece of continuous reporting or used to inform a student’s contribution within an experiential learning opportunity. There is enormous power in recognising specific Learner Attributes alongside the Learning Outcomes for specific subject areas.

Students and parents can, for example, more easily make the connection between the […]

10 09, 2021


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On the last day of Term 2, 27 French students from Year 7 to TCE competed in the Alliance Française Speaking Competition in Hobart.

This was the first time that Scotch Oakburn had been involved in the event competing against several schools from the south of the state. Our students put their skills to the test with their involvement in a range of categories including poetry recital and conversation as well as listening and reading comprehension.  All students are congratulated on their efforts and commended for the admirable way that they represented the […]

27 11, 2020


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On Monday, 23 November, Scotch Oakburn College Year 10 and 11 students hosted a group of Year 5 and 6 students from St Marys District School and Bicheno Primary School at the Valley Campus in Fingal.

The day was populated with fun group-based activities, allowing both the younger and older students to bond in an environment outside of school. The novelty of the situation was not lost on any of us as the day was designed to help the St Marys and Bicheno students bond before they enter the same grade at the same school next year. […]

13 11, 2020


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Three Year 7 students and seven Year 9 students travelled to Hobart on Tuesday with me and Mr Clyde Goosen to share their Round Square experiences with staff and students at The Hutchins Junior and Middle Schools.

The Hutchins School were admitted as candidates of Round Square last week, becoming only the second Tasmanian school to be part of the global network which now includes 220 schools in 55 countries worldwide. The Hutchins School are the 56th Round Square school in the Australasia and East Asia region.

Their membership of Round Square is […]

13 11, 2020


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Last Sunday we had a glorious sunny day and an enthusiastic group of students, parents and staff to clean up a section of the North Esk river, starting at the Scotch Oakburn rowing shed.

Like a team of forensic detectives, the group scoured the riverbank for any rubbish and other unwanted items. A shopping trolley was spotted buried in the mud along the riverbank, and a determined group of Year 9’s set up a pulley system and hauled it out. A further three trolleys and an office chair were also lassoed with […]

6 11, 2020


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Democracy is one of the Round Square IDEALS and provides the core of our country’s structure. Political scientist Larry Diamond identifies four key elements of democracy: governments are chosen and replaced through free and fair elections; citizens are active participants in politics; the human rights of all citizens are protected, and the rule of law applies equally to all citizens. Other key elements are a free and independent media, a military controlled by civilians (not the other way around), and a culture of inclusion, compromise, and cooperation.

For students at the College, I would like to highlight two of those elements […]

16 10, 2020


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Members of the Round Square senior student committee have paid another visit to the Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) in Mowbray this week. This ongoing partnership to set up a community garden is now progressing well and the students would welcome College community interest and contributions.

Jo Dean, the resident permaculture expert, led the session on Thursday (in the rain) during which students put together the first of 10 wicking beds made of old apple crates. The students also planted a whole range of seeds in old egg cartons to ensure that many seedlings would be ready to […]