29 11, 2019

Global competence

2019-11-29T10:43:16+11:0029 November, 2019|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Round Square, Senior School|

In a world that is increasingly interconnected and interdependent, the Round Square pillar of Internationalism is a crucial component of a 21st century education.

Internationalism, also known as ‘global competence’, can be defined as being open to diversity, concerned for others elsewhere in the world, respectful of other cultures, and able to understand others’ perspectives. However, many educators around the world have grappled with how best to teach global competence and to help students to connect and interact respectfully with people from other cultures. As such, Round Square commissioned a team of researchers from Harvard University and Research Schools International to […]

6 11, 2019

Clean up the Catchment

2019-11-08T09:02:01+11:006 November, 2019|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Round Square, Senior School|

Following Maddie Hassell’s Year 5 Leadership Project (a rubbish clean up along the North Esk), she was asked if she might consider coordinating a site for Catch it in the Catchment.

She was very happy to do so and this Sunday 10 November asks for your support and assistance. Catch it in the Catchment is a community rubbish clean up of our beautiful kanamaluka/Tamar Estuary. Maddie will be situated behind the museum at the Esk Market site. There will be multiple sites on the same day all working together to catch the […]

17 10, 2019

Round Square in the Senior School

2019-10-18T08:41:32+11:0017 October, 2019|Categories: Round Square, Senior School|

It’s that time of year when exams are upon us, and with exams often comes stress. In this week’s Senior School Round Square meeting, Year 11 student Maddison Rees explored the world of exam stress, anxiety, procrastination and the fear of failure.

It is always an interesting and insightful process to look inwards and the seek root causes for why we feel and behave the way we do, and Maddi generated good discussions about why we procrastinate, how we respond if we fail at something, and what is important for success in life (choosing the right job and having positive relationships […]

15 10, 2019

Young Round Square VicTas Cluster Conference – What is Democracy?

2019-10-18T08:38:41+11:0015 October, 2019|Categories: Junior School, Round Square|

On Monday 14 October, 18 students from Year 5 and Year 6 enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the Round Square IDEAL ‘Democracy’, at the Mini Conference, hosted by Ivanhoe Grammar, Plenty Campus, Victoria.

The theme focused on the global goals for sustainable development, linking the Round Square IDEALS to them and providing the chance for students to ‘unpack’ real world, current issues, establishing a student led United Nations Council and voting on priorities for Global Citizens to act upon.

The actions required students to collaborate with other students from Victorian Round Square Schools and present a plan for positively impacting […]

26 09, 2019

Sustainability Popup

2019-09-27T14:04:42+11:0026 September, 2019|Categories: Middle School, Round Square, Senior School|

Today students from the Elphin and Penquite campuses created a ‘sustainability pop-up’ at the senior school. Students gave short talks on a range of sustainability issues, Clare Munnings and Lucy Chesterman provided some great music, and a range of sustainable products was on display. Here are some great tips from Year 3 student Grace Watters for reducing our day-to-day plastic use:

1. When you go to the store take a reusable bag with you

2. Choose foods which are in recyclable or biodegradable packaging

3. Did you know that lots of fruits come in […]

25 09, 2019

Backpack challenge funds make a difference

2019-09-25T08:33:37+11:0025 September, 2019|Categories: Middle School, Round Square|

The World Vision Backpack Challenge is an annual event dedicated to raising awareness of children that are displaced by war and civil unrest.

Scotch Oakburn College has been an active participant in this worthy cause. This year 44 Middle School students participated and were able to raise a combined total of $2224.00 (surpassing their $2000 target).

Here are some key facts to put the effort of SOC students into perspective:

  • Scotch Oakburn College was the highest fundraising school in Tasmania.
  • 7 participants raised over $100 each.
  • Asha Dawe raised an individual total of […]
24 09, 2019

Year 5 Round Square project success

2019-09-24T13:05:29+11:0024 September, 2019|Categories: Junior School, Round Square|

On Sunday a group of around 20 people participated in my rubbish clean up along the North Esk River. The weather was beautiful and we successfully collected over 60 kg of rubbish plus 5 bins full of recycling. I’d like to say thank you to all involved and thank Scotch Oakburn College and the Launceston City Council for their support of this valuable service project. We successfully diverted a huge amount of rubbish from our environment! Well done to everyone!

We are thinking we could do much more so stay tuned if you’d like to be involved in a clean […]

17 09, 2019

Do you want to help the environment?

2019-09-20T08:35:16+11:0017 September, 2019|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Round Square, Senior School|


For my Year 5 Round Square project I have organised a rubbish cleanup along the banks of the North Esk river, starting at the Scotch Oakburn rowing shed. On Sunday 22 September I invite you to join me to help clean up the banks of the North Esk river.  As a part of the project I have the support of the College and the Launceston City Council.

All students, families, staff and friends are welcome. Please bring some gloves and dress for the weather.

Time: 11.00am – 12.30pm

Meet at the Scotch Oakburn rowing […]

13 09, 2019

Sheep Poo Fundraiser – India Service Project

2019-09-13T11:36:03+11:0013 September, 2019|Categories: Junior School, Middle School, Round Square, Senior School|

The delegation of senior students attending this year’s international Round Square conference in Indore, India is also part of a pre-conference experience at The Scindia School in Gwalior from the 28 September – 2 October. The Scindia School supports a project which involves building classrooms in less privileged parts of India and Scotch Oakburn will be making a donation to this project. The students have already held two sausage sizzles and recently bagged over 200 bags of sheep poo on Chris and Toni Kilby’s farm – many thanks to them for […]

11 09, 2019

Senior School Round Square

2019-09-13T10:22:45+11:0011 September, 2019|Categories: Round Square, Senior School|

Do we ever have the right to take the life of another person? This was the complex discussion topic that Year 11 student Johanna Cameron facilitated at this week’s Senior Round Square session.

Differing perspectives around the death penalty, euthanasia, police shootings and engaging our soldiers in warfare were discussed, resulting in some robust debate and thoughtful insights being offered by the students. One interesting question Johanna posed was “should prisoners who are sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole be given the option of voluntary euthanasia?”

Meetings are held every Thursday lunchtime in the Don Wing Lecture Theatre […]