22 08, 2019

Inspire Year 8 (IY8) Round Square project

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Last year I was fortunate to go to India on a Round Square Conference which was a very humbling experience. As a part of this, there was a service day. My group visited a village where we helped paint a new school building. The building was very basic, with four small walls and no furniture.  What I saw shocked me. The level of abject poverty I saw with my own eyes made me feel eternally grateful for my life. It also made me feel depleted as I couldn’t do anything real to […]

22 08, 2019

Peace Assembly speech inspires

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At our recent Peace Assembly, Year 11 students Ethan Hamilton spoke to Years 6-12 about his definition of peace. It was an inspiring speech and we wanted to share with you. It is quite lengthy but worth the read –
Si vis pacem parabellum or as the Latin saying goes if you want peace, prepare for war. We are so often told that peace is all that […]
21 08, 2019

Youth Leadership: Integrity in the Post-Truth Era

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This week Clare Munnings (Year 12) took part in a public panel at UTAS with four other young people to discuss the topic: Youth Leadership: Integrity in the Post-Truth Era. Clare’s co-panellists were Lachlan Hindrum and Shaima Adinah from Launceston College and Toby Thorpe, a young Tasmanian Climate Activist from Huonville, who is now living and working in Indonesia as part of YOUTHTOPIA. The panel was facilitated by Professor Richard Eccleston from UTAS’ Institute for the Study of Social Change. Each panellist gave a presentation about their story, following this Prof Eccleston […]

16 08, 2019

Senior School Round Square

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Are animals ours to use? More specifically, is it acceptable to use them to do tests on? These are some of the questions posed by Year 11 student Scarlett Veevers during this week’s Senior Round Square meeting.

Humans have used animals for thousands of years, be it horses for travel and farming, dogs for companionship and hunting, and domesticated animals for food and clothing. However, in recent history, humans have used animals for a variety of testing purposes, ranging from the safety of food additives and cosmetics through to the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals and military weapons. Some animals are genetically altered […]

26 07, 2019

Principal’s Message Term 3 Week 1

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Democracy in Action

Democracy is probably the hardest of the Round Square IDEALS for our students to grasp. In the psyche of a young person it can equate to fairness and so it is an element of our society that is most easily recognised when it is absent.

The appointment of the 2020 Student Executive is about to begin and in doing that we ensure that we undertake a democratic process.

Unlike in other year levels where students rotate through leadership roles in order to enable all students an equitable period of time to experience […]

26 07, 2019

Senior School Round Square

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If you were adopting a child, what gender and race would you be comfortable adopting? This was one of many challenging questions posed by Yr. 11 student Hashnavi Ponnusamy, who ran this week’s Senior Round Square meeting. She conducted an informative and spirited discussion on gender and racial biases in the American adoption system (data on this system was more easily accessible compared to data on the Australian adoption system). Interestingly, the data showed that girls are more likely to be selected for adoption than boys and that in America children of African descent were up to seven times less […]

20 06, 2019

Senior School Round Square

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As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more embedded in our everyday life it is good to give some thought to the benefits and costs associated with this. At the recent Senior School Round Square meeting Year 11 student Greta Brown ran a thought-provoking examination of the AI industry, looking at who is driving the growth of AI and discussing some of the ethical questions surrounding the industry. She notes that many of the developers of AI are American or Chinese males, and this can create biases in AI programs that may subtly disadvantage minority groups or women. The relationships between private […]

11 06, 2019

Dear Child of the Future

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In response to an excellent LIVE@Elphin presentation, Year 5 student Isla Lifshen penned this thought-provoking letter and shared it with the Year 3 presenters. It is a fantastic example of our student’s learning through teaching. Great work Isla, let’s hope our adults and children of the present can change this story for the child of the future. Our quest for a nude food Junior School is an excellent starting point.

Mark Munnings
Director of Education Outdoors and Sustainability

Dear child of the future,

I am a child of the past. We are wondering what your life is like with all […]

7 06, 2019

Principal’s Message Term 2 Week 6

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Get Creative! Start Designing!

Take some time over the long weekend to get creative and perhaps be the creator of the International Round Square Conference logo!

Following our announcement last week that we will be co-hosting the Round Square International Conference in September 2020, we asked our Middle and Senior School students this week in assemblies to become involved in the planning stage. (Junior School students will hear details next week.)

Students have been invited to take part in creating a design brief for the conference logo.  Each host school has been invited to submit three designs, of which one will be […]

6 06, 2019

Senior School Round Square

2019-06-07T15:19:36+11:006 June, 2019|Categories: Round Square, Senior School|

At this week’s Senior School Round Square meeting, Year 11 student Alexandra Phillips ran a balanced and mature discussion about the pro-life and pro-choice debates surrounding abortion legislation in Australia and the U.S. The discussion examined the issue from multiple viewpoints and extended to conversations about eugenics and human rights.
Students who enjoy an intellectual discussion about a variety of issues in today’s world are invited to join us in the Don Wing Lecture Theatre each Thursday lunchtime.

Mark Hassell
Dean of Students