16 10, 2020


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15/5/1959 – 8/10/2020

On Thursday 8 October 2020, Marcus Bower, former colleague, teacher, mentor, producer and friend passed away peacefully at home with his wife, Suzie, and son, Dom, by his side. As many of our community will know Marcus has been stoically battling cancer over the last six years, undergoing 11 operations over that period, never complaining and with his sense of humour ever present.

Marcus arrived at Scotch Oakburn in 1985 and made the decision to retire from the profession he has given so much of his life to in 2017. […]

16 10, 2020


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Members of the Round Square senior student committee have paid another visit to the Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) in Mowbray this week. This ongoing partnership to set up a community garden is now progressing well and the students would welcome College community interest and contributions.

Jo Dean, the resident permaculture expert, led the session on Thursday (in the rain) during which students put together the first of 10 wicking beds made of old apple crates. The students also planted a whole range of seeds in old egg cartons to ensure that many seedlings would be ready to […]

16 10, 2020


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As we start into the last term of the year and with warmer weather slowly appearing, it is an excellent time to start an exercise campaign.

We have a variety of classes available to students, staff and parents (all free of charge) taken by qualified instructors. From Cardio HIIT to spin bike classes, we cater for all levels of fitness and experience. If completing a class is not your thing, then Tim Reese (our College personal trainer) can write up a program specific to your needs.

Staff and parents have complete access to facilities from 6.00am to 7.00am each morning and from […]

16 10, 2020


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Northern High Schools competition

Despite an abrupt finish to our Term 1 basketball program, our sport continues to attract great student support across all year levels.

Ten teams are entered into the Northern High Schools Sports Association Rosters across Years 7 to 10. We look forward to re-commencing our games next week.

This weekend we will have another eight teams competing in the Basketball Tasmania Northern High Schools Tournament, four boys and four girls teams across two divisions. These are combined teams of Year 7/8 and Year 9/10 students. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those staff, coaches and parents […]

16 10, 2020


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Operation Christmas Child is a worldwide event, organized by the Samaritan’s Purse charity, dedicated to bringing happiness and wellbeing to young people in less privileged circumstances than our own.

Scotch Oakburn College took part for the first time last year and had great success, which inspired this year’s Student Executive to evolve a tradition. In the unique social environment of 2020, students have been asked to exercise their teamwork and commitment more than ever before to achieve a goal of 56 boxes, working in our Vertical Tutor Groups. Part of preparing these […]

16 10, 2020


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Our Digital Technology Club are hosting a Coding Challenge for Round Square Schools. This challenge is all about bringing students together who love programming. All levels of experience are encouraged to have a go.

In the spirit of Round Square collaboration, the group wanted to avoid using the word competition and rather make this opportunity a challenge. They decided to make the judging process collaborative in order for students to interact with each other and share feedback.

This challenge is designed to allow students to be innovative and to create ways to engage an audience in a game. It is designed to motivate […]

16 10, 2020


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All six of our students put their best voices forward on Saturday 10 October in the northern final of Rostrum’s Voice of Youth public speaking competition.

Year 11 students Jack Oates Pryor and Dean Power both won first place in the Senior Division and Alex Munro, also Year 11, won the encouragement award.  Gabriel Walton Clear  (Year 11) and Will Scott (Year 11) were also strong contenders on the day. Together these five boys were outstanding in their kind support and encouragement of each other as they presented their eight-minute prepared speeches and three-minute impromptus.

In the Junior Division, […]

16 10, 2020


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As a part of our school membership with Parenting Ideas, parents in our school community have the opportunity to attend a range of webinars.  This includes an upcoming webinar, Parenting like a cat and dog, on 11 November at 8.00pm AEDT.

Presented by founder of parenting ideas, Michael Grose, key learning and discussion points will include:

• How parents can identify their natural style and work harmoniously with their partner and/or support networks
• Building confidence to manage children who relish getting their own way
• Constructive ways to adjust communication so that it meets the individual needs of children
• Effective methods to communicate […]

16 10, 2020


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Welcome back – Term 4

Welcome back to Term 4. I hope that all families have had a restful break and are feeling refreshed for the final Term of 2020.  Term 4 is always a busy one so being planned and organised is always the key.

Kate Croft
Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Summer Sport – Years 7-10

This week, all students in Years 7-10 attended their Summer Sports meeting and received information regarding their commitment to sport this term.  All students in Years 7-10 are expected to participate in the Term 4 program.  Year 6 students participate in the Friday afternoon […]

14 10, 2020


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Author: Michael Grose


Raising children has always been best when it’s a community affair. In previous generations, aunts, uncles, grandparents, godparents and family friends – spare parents, or sparents –all played a part in raising kids.

The last decade has seen the rise of parenting as an individual endeavour, which can place crushing pressure for parents to always be at their best.

The saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ needs to be updated to ‘it takes a town or suburb full of healthy adults to look out for kids at different stages of their lives’. A mouthful, but you […]