9 12, 2022


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Recovery efforts continue with the flood event in Scotch Oakburn Park with respect to necessary cleaning and restoration.  Grounds and Work teams, and external contractors continue to monitor the situation and provide necessary support in assisting with restoration processes.  An update on the process follows:

  • Since the extraction of the water, the College quickly engaged external contractors to screed tonnes of silt and mud from the playing fields to reduce the impact on subsoils.  Whilst, screeding did assist with removing debris, silt and mud, unfortunately, the length of time water was present on the fields affected […]
10 11, 2022

National Innovative School Award Winner

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In July 2022, The Educator invited schools across Australia to participate in the publication’s 5-Star Innovative School Awards. Now in its eighth year, this report recognises the schools at the forefront of change and innovation.

Entries were open to all educational professionals who believe their school is pioneering a new direction in education. From teaching approaches to learning spaces and curriculum design, the report looks at schools reshaping the future of education.

The College Submission: 

Enterprise Workshop partnership with the University of Tasmania: held in July 2022.

The […]

21 10, 2022


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As many of you would be aware, the major flooding of the North Esk River on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 October led to a breach of the levy bank at Scotch Oakburn Park (SOP) in the early hours of Friday 14 October. The College has progressed a crisis management response to the flooding event, with the recovery process ongoing. 

I note the following high-level comments in relation to the event and the recovery process, noting the early stage of the process and lack of clarity at this point regarding the playing […]

8 08, 2022

Scotch Oakburn only Tasmanian school involved in national Melbourne University study on ATAR

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An article from the Examiner Newspaper, Launceston, 7 August 2022
Author: Caitlin Jarvis

A Northern Tasmanian school is leading the charge to revolutionise education in the state by ditching the ATAR as the sole measure of academic success.

Scotch Oakburn College is the only Tasmanian school involved in a national pilot research program undertaken by Melbourne University that is examining the role of the ATAR as an indicator of academic prowess.

The program, which has been underway since the beginning of the pandemic, has allowed Scotch Oakburn to develop a set of 10 “Learner Attributes” that […]

20 07, 2022

Reshaping our Values

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Scotch Oakburn College is a wonderfully diverse community made up of families from over 50 cultural and ethnic backgrounds. In the true spirit of the Uniting Church, we have representation of all the major religions of the world as well as community members who do not identify with any religion. Our College is stronger for this diversity, and importantly, as we learn and grow together we realise that there is far more that unites us than divides. Central to our sense of community are our Values. Values are non-negotiable and regardless of who we are, they frame how we behave, […]

18 07, 2022

SOC2035 Update – 18 months on

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SOC2035 – 18 Months into an aspirational 15-year Strategic Vision

In January 2021, after community consultation, research and ‘outside the square’ thinking, Scotch Oakburn College launched SOC2035, the College’s ambitious 15-year Strategic Vision. Throughout the 18-month creation process of SOC2035, the College Executive and Board of Directors were determined that this vision for the College’s future would provide ongoing direction for the allocation of resources and never sit idle on a shelf, gathering dust. To ensure that occurs, the Board of Directors receives quarterly updates on the progress of the current projects, each aligned to one or more of the four […]

12 01, 2022

Wellbeing Strand Update

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SOC2035, our Strategic Vision states that education must do more than simply prepare young people for the world of work; we need to equip students with the skills and attributes they require to become active, responsible and engaged citizens.

Implement a framework that positively impacts students’ and staff wellbeing.

2021 allowed the College to reflect and refine its Wellbeing Framework to better meet the needs of our evolving community.

Supporting the wellbeing of young people is not a revolutionary idea in schools. For a long time, we have understood and prioritised the wellbeing of our learners. […]

12 01, 2022

Learning Strand update

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Our vibrant and diverse learning community in a unique and compelling part of the world has evolved from our rich history. We are a learning community and all members are learners.


Create flexible and adaptive structures for learning


The focus of the New Metrics team in Term 4 has been a pilot trial looking at the assessment of Collaboration and Learner Resilience. Teaching staff across all three sub-schools have been using the fine-grained criteria that were written in the online workshops during Terms 2 and 3. These were collated by the […]

8 01, 2022

Capacity Strand Update

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2021 saw exciting commencements to ensuring the College’s capacity to deliver its long-term goals and objectives of SOC2035.


Sustainable thinking practice and facility development

Enrolment growth in the College has continued and the associated financial stability is important in enabling the College to achieve its holistic SOC2035 goals and objectives across its Learning, Wellbeing, Community and Capacity Strands. Importantly though, the context of enrolment capacity at the College has been very much at the forefront of our thinking during 2021. A goal of SOC2035 was to achieve 95% of our total student enrolment capacity […]

8 01, 2022

Community Strand Update

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Our Community (students, staff, parents and Collegians)are the heart and soul of the College and our most important asset. Community isn’t something we aspire to, it is who we are, what connects us and what sets us apart.

Parent Support and Engagement

Parental support and engagement remain a continued focus and in 2021 several exciting developments to achieving the College’s long-term goals and objectives were achieved.

Consultation with members of our parent community resulted in the introduction of Scotch Oakburn’s SchoolTV in October, offering parents a fresh approach to the growing challenges and pressures faced […]