19 11, 2021


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Parenting, alcohol, parties and sleepovers in Year 9: Why this year group can be so challenging and the importance of putting things into place now.
Thursday, 20 January 2022
7.00-8.30pm (AEDT)

If you’re a parent of a child about to begin Year 9 it’s important to prepare yourself for issues around sleepovers, parties and gatherings. Putting things into place now can prevent potential problems in the year (and years) ahead.

This presentation will focus on the positive influence that parents can have on their child’s drinking behaviour, even during adolescence, as well as the barriers that […]

12 08, 2021


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Author: Michael Grose


“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

This reply to playground name-calling has been taught to children by generations of parents. While the sentiments are true, it demonstrates how destructive language can be when it’s used to hurt or humiliate.

Name-calling dehumanises the child or young person on the receiving end, making it easier for a perpetrator to bully, put down or abuse. The language of bullying and sexual abuse is deliberately vague and generalised making it easier to hurl insults about gender or ethnicity. It’s much harder to insult someone when real […]

6 08, 2021


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Author: Michael Grose


If your teenage children live wound-up, highly scheduled lives then they need to rediscover the lost art of down-time.

Down-time is like mucking around except that it’s passive. It’s about kids relaxing, doing whatever it is they feel like doing – whether that’s watching a screen, hanging around with siblings or mates, reading a book or simply daydreaming.

There are three compelling reasons to allow kids down-time:

  1.  It’s great for mental health. Hard-driven kids need some time to rest their brains. The thinking wheels can’t keep spinning all the time.
  2. It builds relationships. You’ve got to be close to […]
23 07, 2021


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Welcome to Term 3. I hope everyone had a relaxing break and are rejuvenated for the term ahead. As I indicate in my video address this week, there is a lot happening this Term and of course, it is also a very important Term for our TCE students, and Year 12s especially.

Compared to the rest of Australia and indeed the world, Tasmania has managed through COVID very well without the disruption to lives and learning that we have seen and read of elsewhere. At the Paul Dillon ‘Drugs and Alcohol’ parent presentation late last Term, Paul said that the rest […]

25 06, 2021


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Source: https://theresilienceproject.com.au/at-home/blog/reclaiming-control-of-your-electronic-devices/


Today, our reliance on electronic devices has undoubtedly increased, as has the long-held debate around the potentially negative effects of overusing these tools.

There is no doubt most of us have benefitted from the technology which allows us to stay connected, especially during COVID-19 lockdowns. Kitchen tables have become offices via Zoom, WEBEX has converted living rooms into classrooms, streaming services bring live shows into our homes, and FaceTiming is now a verb and replaces family get-togethers. Even our health needs can be met through Telehealth options and a plethora of wellbeing and exercise Apps.

Looking at the research, MedicalNewsToday reported that […]

18 06, 2021


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Author: Dr Kristy Goodwin


It’s well established that sleep is vital for children and adolescents’ learning, physical health, mental wellbeing and emotional regulation. Yet, a concerning number of Australian children and adolescents aren’t meeting the national sleep guidelines according to a recent study*.

There are many reasons for young people’s poor sleep habits including school demands, co-curricular and/or work commitments, perceived pressure from parents and educators and consumption of energy drinks. Young people’s digital device habits can have a significant, negative impact on their sleep.

Handheld devices emit blue light which hampers melatonin production. This can result in the delayed onset of […]

11 06, 2021


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Author:  Michael Grose


Fourteen-year-old William sat heavy-hearted in the chair with his father next to him, with an arm on his shoulder. William was upset and his dad was trying to find out what was bothering him. His voice was quiet, and his words were soothing.

William told his father that a friend had lied about him to a girl in his class. He told her that William had been spreading rumours about her around school. Unable to articulate his shame and disappointment William’s father did so for him. “I guess you feel embarrassed and let down by your friend. I’d […]

3 06, 2021


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Author:  Michael Grose


The recent rise in childhood and adolescent anxiety and its acceleration during COVID-19 has worried parents and teachers. Many ask how they can assist kids when they become anxious about seemingly routine events such as attending school camps and excursions, tackling difficult subjects, or facing the prolonged absence of a favourite teacher.

Typical responses such as ignoring their worries or encouraging them to ‘get on with it’ are unhelpful. Allowing a child to avoid an activity that makes them anxious is another unhelpful option. Avoidance may help kids feel safe in the short term, but it risks the […]

28 05, 2021


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Author: Michael Grose


During the COVID-19 pandemic parents are rightfully urged to take a cautious approach and keep children and young people at home if they show symptoms of the virus.

It’s a balancing act if you’re a parent as one the most important things you can do to ensure your child has a bright future is to make sure he or she goes to school every day—and gets there on time. It sounds simple, but it’s true. The correlation between school attendance and children’s achievement levels is well established. The more time kids spend at school, the more likely they are […]

20 05, 2021


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Author: Michael Grose


Two Australian studies support what teachers and mental health experts have been saying for some time: that exposing kids to safe challenges in childhood promotes resilience and better mental health in later life.

The results of a study into children’s wellbeing by mental health organisation Beyondblue found young people who were able to talk about their emotions and who were exposed to failure and loss at a young age are better equipped to deal with a variety of challenges as they grow. Similarly, findings of a Macquarie University long-term study into children’s mental health found that children who […]