6 May, 2022


Welcome to Term 2 of our Chaplaincy Program.  Some exciting new events are happening this Term which will offer our students, staff and families a more holistic spiritual care and development focus.

On the Penquite Campus last term, each of our ChapelConnects focussed on Family; what family means and how the term family doesn’t always mean bloodline.

We finished the Term with an Easter Service which we were very grateful for.  Students from each year level gave of their talents and contributed to a well thought out and presented engagement with what Easter means for them, whether religious or not.

This year’s exciting correlation was the fact that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all celebrated their stories of freedom at the same time.  This hasn’t happened in the world calendar for over 30 years.

This Term, we turn our focus to LOVE and what that means for each student, when love can mean many, many things.  We can love chocolate, love our neighbour, love our parents, love sport, but does this mean that each of those loves gives us the same feeling when we express it?  No, said our Year 6s during one service.  So, what does love mean for our students when they noted it as their second top Spiritual Value? I look forward to sharing insights as our ChapelConnects proceed.

In the Junior School, I will now be visiting each classroom at a designated time each week, to focus on the student’s spirituality around our value of commitment.

I am excited to see how the students engage with and come to their own meaning of what commitment means for them as we travel through the Term together.

All in all, a great Term is expected and I look forward to serving you all.

Rev Grace Reynolds
College Chaplain