25 March, 2022


Blessing the Boats

This week I had the honour and privilege of Blessing the Boats and the rowers for their Head of the River races this Saturday.

For the blessing, I used pure Frankincense Oil and explained to the students that in the ancient Hebrew Kingdom, Frankincense was only allowed to be used for God in the Holy of Holies where only the High Priests were allowed to go within the temple itself.  Anyone who used it for themselves, personally, was cut off from the community, so that is how Holy and precious this oil was to use for our Rowers.

For me, as I declared to them, their boats this Saturday was the Holy of Holies and God would be with them always, and in all ways. Please, if you see a rower today or tomorrow, bless them for a win too.

Our Wednesday Chapels are proving to be engaging with our students now worshipping together in their year levels rather than in Houses.  This is ensuring that our music, readings and addresses are in line with their brain development and maturity.

We have been concentrating on family this term. What does family mean; who are they as a family member and who are they becoming so when they are parents, they will live their lives as they want to be? The current aspect of family that we are looking at is the fact that family doesn’t necessarily mean bloodline and the students have been sharing some wonderful stories about other relationships that feel like family to them.

Of course, all of this would not be possible without the good grounding that our families at Scotch Oakburn give their children, for which we are truly grateful.

Rev Grace Reynolds
College Chaplain

Go the Rowers!