collegiansThe Collegians Committee welcomes you.

The role of the Collegians Committee is to assist the College to maintain connections with the College community and families, with special emphasis on Alumni.

The Scotch Oakburn alumni family embraces past students from Methodist Ladies’ College, Oakburn College, Scotch College and Scotch Oakburn College.  The Collegians Committee represents all four entities, to encourage and assist in maintaining friendships formed whilst at school through peer year reunions; interstate, intrastate and overseas gatherings; lunches, dinners and cocktail parties.

The Collegians Committee also supports other College events and activities throughout the year, including the College Fair, and the Scotch Oakburn Dinner. Additionally, Collegians support the College in the celebration and acknowledgement of new facilities, accomplishments of past students, and milestones as they arise.

The Collegians Committee is a sub-committee of the Scotch Oakburn Board of Governance, currently comprising of the following members:

  • Fred Lester (’01)  Chair and Board of Governance Representative
  • Andy Muller Principal, Scotch Oakburn College
  • Tenille Pentland (’00) Scotch Oakburn College Representative
  • Clinton Pentland (’00) Scotch Oakburn College Representative
  • Charles Headlam (’14) Scotch Oakburn College Representative
  • Caroline Williamson (’99) Scotch Oakburn College Representative
  • Don Wing (’55)  Patron, Scotch College Representative
  • Secretary, Scotch Oakburn Alumni Coordinator

If you are interested in joining the Collegians Committee, or offering assistance with a Collegians activity, please email our Alumni Coordinator, Claire Allen.

To ensure you don’t miss out on alumni activities, and to receive our College community magazine, Focus, please update your current contact details here.

We encourage you to share your personal news, or that of a school friend, be it professional, social or community-based, by contacting us via email at, Facebook, or mail PO Box 103, Kings Meadows, TAS 7249.

Please stay connected with your College and join in, where possible, in the many activities and events that Scotch Oakburn and the Collegians Committee host. We encourage you to connect with us through Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date.

Fred Lester
Chairperson, Collegians Committee

More information:

Community Relations & Alumni Coordinator

T: (03) 6336 3393