Peer Year Reunions

An extensive Peer Year reunion program is offered each year. This is a wonderful way to stay in touch with school friends, renew social contacts and perhaps make some valuable professional ones.

Each year, reunions are coordinated for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 50 year reunions as well as an informal 1-year-on gathering.

When preparing for your peer year reunion we make contact with as many in your peer group as we are able and assist with the formation of a ‘committee’ who will assist in the reunion organisation.  This is best represented by three to four people from different friendship circles during your school days, which provides a wider reach to your peers and often results in greater attendance.

Please note your peer year is based on when you (would have) completed Year 12.  Even if you left school earlier, you are still included in your peer year reunion festivities.

Our Alumni Coordinator and Secretary of the Collegians Committee, can assist with reunion planning by offering:

• The collation of a peer year database; venue selection; catering and date selection.
• Coordinating a College tour, led by Principal, Andy Muller (whenever possible).
• Creation and distribution of invitations.
• Coordinating the promotion of reunion details in Focus, on the College website and on the Scotch Oakburn College Collegians Facebook page.
• Making contact with selected current and past staff members as required.
• Managing RSVP’s on your behalf.
• Providing access to College Archives for photograph selection.

For details relating to upcoming peer year reunions, view our calendar of events.


Interstate, intrastate and international gatherings provide alumni and friends of MLC/Oakburn College, Scotch College and Scotch Oakburn College the chance to reacquaint with school friends, forge new friendships and remain part of the College community, as well as hear about the College today.  These gatherings are hosted by Scotch Oakburn Principal, Andy Muller (whenever possible).

For details relating to interstate and overseas Gatherings. visit our calendar of events or contact our Alumni Coordinator.