E-learning at home


20 March, 2020


Over the past few days, I have experienced many wonderful examples of students and staff both learning online. It has been amazing to see the college students and staff so willing to improve and build their skills in such a short time. E-learning is something that most students will experience at some stage in their education. My last experience at University was all online. I did it all from home and never stepped foot onto the physical campus. I would like to share some ideas that may help with the change to e-learning at home.

Have a designated study area: Whether it is the kitchen table or the desk in your bedroom, create an area to study that is a designated study zone. This will help you focus and switch onto learning when you.

Take breaks: It is important to ensure you rest your eyes from screen time. Ensure you look at different distances. Take a walk outside.

Keep healthy: Make sure you look for opportunities to be active and move around the house. Looking after your body is important. Use the following stretches:

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It has been great to see our College community become an e-learning hub. I have seen students working together to support each other with their online learning. Classrooms have become recording studios to create e-learning content. There are props being used to support learning, including one year level using hats to help students focus. The speed in which the College was able to move into the e-learning space was amazing and I can’t wait to hear about all the experiences from both students, parents and teachers.

Brendan Vince
Head of eLearning and IT Services








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