The overarching principle of the Scotch Oakburn College Foundation is one of the philanthropy, good will and providing a lasting benefit to others.

Since its formation in 1986, the Foundation has successfully provided additional funding for the College in many areas of need, including the construction of Helix and the Performing Arts Centre; the reburbishment of the John Morris Centre, the donation of land and funds for the Middle School and Health & Physical Education Centre; contributions to renovations of the Junior School’s Jean Gardner Wing and Mary Fox Performing Arts Centre, and the Robert Dean Senior Student Centre.

Additionally, the Foundation supports the provision of many scholarships and bursaries across the College and contributes to various facility improvements.

Make a Donation

Donations to the College Foundation are always welcome and appreciated.

The Foundation thanks all those that contribute and share in the vision to continue to develop one of Australia’s leading schools for the students of today and tomorrow.

Donate via the link provided. or donations can be made via cheque or bank transfer.


Send a cheque payable to ‘Scotch Oakburn Foundation Ltd.’ to

Scotch Oakburn College Foundation Ltd.
Locked Bag 103
Kings Meadows  TAS  7249

Bank Transfer

Account name:  Scotch Oakburn College Foundation Ltd.
BSB: 017 042
Account: 0022 75171

Bequests – The Bruce Carter Foundation

A gift to Scotch Oakburn College in your Will provides a lasting contribution to education… perhaps the greatest gift of all.

The Bruce Carter Society has been established to honour and recognise those who have remembered Scotch Oakburn College in their Will, within their lifetime. It plays an important role for the entire College community, past and present, providing an opportunity to give the gift of education to students.

About Dr Bruce Carter

The Scotch Oakburn College Foundation Ltd chose to name their bequest program The Bruce Carter Society after the first Principal of our amalgamated College.

Dr Carter AM, B.A. (Sydney) Ed.M. (Harvard), Ed.D. (Toronto) F.A.C.E. came to Scotch College (Launceston) from his old school Knox Grammar School (Sydney) at the beginning of 1978, with his wife and son; a second son was born in 1980.

Dr Carter soon became a key player during the amalgamation of Scotch College and Oakburn College in 1979, and for the first five years of its history the coeducational Scotch Oakburn College was under Dr Carter’s skillful guidance and leadership.

Dr Carter is retired today; however, he has been one of Australia’s distinguished educators and school leaders. In 2002 he was appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) “for service to education as a Principal, Administrator and Educator…”

Dr Carter’s feelings for Scotch Oakburn College and his respect for the history and traditions of MLC, Scotch College, Oakburn College and Scotch Oakburn College, are irrefutable.

Membership to the Bruce Carter Society

Membership to The Bruce Carter Society is available to anyone who leaves a gift to Scotch Oakburn College in their Will. There is no requirement to declare the details of your gift.

There is no gift too large or too small. Your contribution will be gratefully received and valued. Being a member of The Bruce Carter Society allows the College to recognise your contribution and to thank you.

The law protects your rights to cancel your gift at any time should you wish to do so or circumstances change. If you already have a Will, all you need do to update your Will is to write a codicil – a legally binding instruction that effectively changes your Will without having to redraft a new one. This codicil is then attached to your Will.

We recommend you discuss your wishes with your family and consult with your solicitor before finalising arrangements to ensure your personal wishes are met.

Become a member

Next Steps

There are a number of ways you can remember Scotch Oakburn College in your Will.

Listed below are four ways that you can make provision for the College. We ask that you consider these options and discuss them with your family and solicitor. You may also wish to consider and discuss with the College how you would like your gift to be used.

The simplest form of bequest is to allocate a specific sum. This, however, does not allow for any changes to the value of your estate and thus you may wish to  regularly review your Will.

You may choose to leave a percentage of the value of your estate, should you so desire.

After providing for your family or friends, you may choose to leave the remaining balance of your estate to Scotch Oakburn College for a purpose of your choice.

Your gift can be anything of value and may not be money. Property, shares, or other assets of value can all make a positive difference.

For more information on remembering Scotch Oakburn College in your Will please contact the Scotch Oakburn College on email: or telephone: (03) 6336 3300.