8 December, 2022


Thank you to everyone who contributed to our College-wide Christmas Project where we joined hands with the Salvation Army Red Bag Appeal.  Last night we generously gave 66 Bags of Hope to the two representatives of the Salvation Army, Roderick and Kelly Brown.

It was a joyous occasion at the Family Carol Service when the Year 4 students were hiding in the Art Room and at the right time, came out bag in hand and circled the oval to arrive at the stage as Santa’s helpers.  They presented the bags to Kelly and Roderick and then proceeded to fill up our sleigh.  It was a truly beautiful sight when even the big sleigh we had wasn’t big enough to fit all the Bags of Hope in them.

Then at the Year 8 Final Assembly this morning, we handed Kelly and Roderick, 97 bags full of gifts of food, toys, stationery, games and personal toiletries.  This was a big feat from the Middle and Senior Schools as our Year 12 students had finished when the project started and our Year 10s and 11s finished last week.

So well done everyone.  With the 2020 statistics showing that 1 in 5 families can’t put food on their table in Tasmania, this College-wide project will ensure that the blessings we have received in our lives are contributing to the blessing of others who are not as so well off.

Next week is our Closing of the School Year Chapel, the highlight will be a presentation of a special gift to the College for the ongoing journey of its spiritual development.

We will show a picture and what it all means at its first use in 2023.

May you all have a very blessed, and joyful Christmas.  May you all stay safe and know that you are loved, known and cared for by our Scotch Oakburn community.

Rev Grace Reynolds
College Chaplain