3 March, 2023


This week, I had a priceless engagement with the Year 7s on their Outdoor Education Program.

I visited each of the groups and discussed how the students had engaged with their own identity this week through the growth and experience of their outdoor education.

At dusk last night, I had the privilege of sitting with one of the classes as they were able to reflect on what they had learnt about themselves throughout the week.   I share it here to show the depth of where our outdoor education programs take our students to enable them to see who they are and how they can grow when they bring their learnings back into their normal lives.

Monday – they learnt that they are a good friend.

Tuesday – they learnt that they are a trustworthy friend.

Wednesday – they learnt that they can push through their barriers, fears, pain and not liking something to achieve their goal.  Their commitment to the end, even in their high ropes endeavours really shone through this day.

Thursday – they learnt that they are compassionate friends and can save each other from harm.

We then reflected on how we can take all our learnings from this program back with us so that we can engage with more of what we like to enable us to achieve our wellbeing priority this year of life satisfaction, with being fully human and fully alive.

As I close, I remember Flynn, whose deepest core identity value was to live life to the fullest and his aha moment was realising that doing the High Ropes was going to help him live his deepest value about himself.   You can’t get more congruent than that.

What a valuable testament to our outdoor education programs at Scotch Oakburn.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain