10 March, 2023


It has been a busy week in Chaplaincy this week with the final two House Chapels.

Tuesday night was Briggs House with the Year 11’s choosing “Change” as their theme.   It was the only Chapel service in the Chapel this year and it was a privilege to serve those students who led the service.  I remember the joy and gusto as they brought in their decorations and wore their themed uniforms.

For me, the central theme of the address was the fact that being at Scotch Oakburn was already capturing the Greek understanding of teleos, to be perfect in a way that we reached the highest standards of things, and with our motto at Scotch Oakburn being ‘Ad Superiora Wien Invenium’ meaning ‘I will find a way to Higher Things’, this is our next step.  To be great at things to the highest standards as we create a world for our future where decisions may be made from an ecological decision-making process, “good for us, good for others, good for the greater good”.

Thursday night was Dean House with a great skit of a boating experience with the intention of showing that community inclusiveness is so necessary.

The Chaplain’s address recorded the number of communal deaths in the 20th Century from eight different countries around the world on top of World War 1 and II.  Unfortunately, religion has been blamed for many and the question was raised, is it religion per se or is it man’s interpretation of religion that has been the issue?

Five Readings, Blessings and Prayers were then read from the five top religions represented at the College which showed that each one of them wanted the same outcome – unity, peace and love and that all five religions prayed for everyone to experience this purpose throughout the whole universe.  It was such a unique opportunity to share these insights with everyone and for Dean House to lead the way in peaceful communal life.

Friday was back down to Elphin Campus where the Year 1 and 2 classes experienced their first Connect@Elphin for the year, along with the Prep classes.

The theme today was “Joy”.  We talked about what makes them happy and how can they experience more happiness today and in their future life in the classrooms, in the schoolyard and at home.

Have a wholesome week everyone,

Rev Grace
College Chaplain

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