6 April, 2023


A lot has been going on these past few weeks in Chaplaincy with the Dedication of the Artwork that depicts the Aboriginal Creation Story, a visit to the Year 5 Camp, our Easter Services at the Elphin and Penquite Campuses as well as the blessing of 2 new Rowing Boats, the 2023 Head of the River Boats and Teams, and the privilege of blessing the Year 7’s Grandparents and Friends on their special day.

On Friday, the 24 March, the Prep and Year 1s from last year (now Years 1 and 2) came down to the Penquite Chapel where they presented their artwork as a gift to the Chapel so that the Creation Story of our Tasmanian First Peoples can be told and seen alongside those of other traditions that are shared in the Chapel.

Four Students from Year 2 Martello gave us their reasons for donating it to the Chapel:

Katie Horsman- “I chose to hang our artwork in the chapel because other people will be able to see it.”
Hermione Dumaresq– “I want this artwork to be here so other people can see what we can do.”
Adelaide White– “I chose to hang our artwork here in the chapel because when we are older we will be able to see what we were able to do when we were in Year 1.”
Airlie Dolting– “So it could give us memories to pass on. Like the Aboriginal people pass on their memories.”

The two ChapelConnectors for 2023, Rupert MacKenzie and Anna Chapman then formally received small replicas of the artwork that was already hung on the mezzanine wall from Year 2 Boatwright students.

We were pleased to be able to have the Artist for the project with us, Aunty Judith-Rose Thomas, who explained the story of the Petraglyphs (the middle of the mural) and the Spirit Tree (the last one in the mural).

As we look forward to Easter Day, I know the Son shining down on these pieces of artwork, so carefully done by the students, will always be a sign of life in our Chapel and we sincerely thank the students of 2022 Prep and Year 1 for their donation and gift.

Now, as our school Term comes to a close, may I wish you all a very happy, safe and joyous Easter and remember, He came that we might have life and life abundant.

To our Muslim families and students, may you continue to have a very safe and holy Ramadan.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain