17 February, 2023


This week saw the very first CONNECT for Preps in our Junior School.  It was so exciting to see their fresh little fishes so agile in working with the topic of “what do they love in their life?”.

They weren’t scared to say things from family, playing with siblings and cousins, eating chocolate, patting lambs and their pet cats and much more, even brownies.

They then went through a Mindfulness Exercise to embrace the feeling of happiness when they are doing what they love.

Once all this was complete, they were then able to choose one thing that they loved that they wanted more of in their life, and they drew their decision on a bookmark so that when they saw their bookmark in a book, it would remind them of what they loved and to do more of it each day.

Prior to this, I visited the Year 4 Education Outdoors Camp at the Valley Campus and had three sessions of sharing with students what kindness meant and how to prepare for it.   Through story, and a journey about why decisions were made in my life, the students were able to understand that to care for and be kind to others, they first had to first learn how to care for and be kind to themselves.

In this way, they learn how to care for themselves first so that they then know how to care and be kind to others, just like the oxygen mask instructions in an aeroplane, put it on yourself first so that you can then care for your children.

Next week, students in our College will be celebrating the following religious festivals:

Saturday 18 Feb – MahaShivaratri, Hinduism

MahaShivaratri (or ‘Great Night of Shiva’) is a festival celebrated in honour of the Hindu deity Lord Shiva, one of the deities of the Hindu Trinity.

Saturday 18 Feb – Lailat al Miraj, Islam

Observance of Prophet Muhammad’s night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and his ascension (al Miraj) to heaven and return the same night. Also known as ‘Night of Journey’ (al Isra).

Tuesday 21 to Thursday 23 Feb – Tibetan New Year, Buddhism

The Tibetan New Year, also known as Losar, is a three-day festival where people visit monasteries, make offerings, receive blessings and take part in various activities symbolizing purification and welcoming in the new.

Wednesday 22 February to  Thursday 6 April – Lent, Christianity

Lent is the period of 40 days (not including Sundays) that comes before Easter, traditionally a time of fasting and reflection. The 40 days represent the time Jesus spent in the desert overcoming temptation by Satan. In Western Christianity, it begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Maundy Thursday.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain