17 September, 2021


The theme for Chaplaincy for this year is our College Value of Inclusivity and this week saw the last of our unique Chapel Services for this term, where each House has taken time out for their students to really explore what their own top five Deepest Core Spiritual Values are.

The students were then able to record these values anonymously on their House Dash page, and these have now been collated and will be used to design next year’s Chaplaincy program.  This process will ensure that Chaplaincy nurtures the student’s own spiritual growth rather than have anything imposed upon them.

I look forward to the students’ further exploration of who they are spiritually and how they grow and are nurtured by their own self-awareness of their innermost core values.   It will be an honour to serve them in this way.

Next Wednesday, is our last Chapel Service for the Penquite Campus this term and we are celebrating St. Francis of Assisi’s love of animals by blessing our own and those of organisations who help rescue injured, endangered, abused or homeless animals.

There are two ways we are going to do this.

1.       If you would like to have your animal blessed, there is a green link on the student Dash home page titled “Pet Survey Link”.  Students can enter their pet’s name and upload a photo.  All photos uploaded will be on a rolling display next Wednesday and we will corporately bless all your animals/pets at the service. All photos need to be uploaded by Monday evening.

2.       We have placed two plastic bins, one at Middle School reception and the other at the Senior School Student Reception in the John Morris Centre.  Please use these to donate dog/cat food, animal toys, blankets, litter, etc and we will present our gifts to the organisations at the service.

When you put your donation in the box, please write your name on the list at the box to go in the draw for the raffle draw at the service to win a voucher for one person from the Middle School and one person from the Senior School to have an outing at Clove.

Please contact me or any of the WAVE team if you have any queries.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Rev Grace
College Chaplain

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