26 May, 2023


This week, our Year 9 and 10 students received some quiet time to do an exercise, following on from what they heard from our guest speaker, Luke Kennedy at the beginning of day.

During these reflections, the students were able to discern what strategies they learnt from Luke that would give them more peace and patience in their lives.  They were even able to assess what took away their peace, and what made them impatient and then list out the strategies that they were going to engage with to ensure that they don’t engage in them again, thereby giving them more life satisfaction, the ultimate goal of our Wellbeing priorities for 2023.

As we go to print today, we celebrate the National Sorry Day for the first peoples of our nation.

Image Source: National Sorry Day – Gippsland Primary Health Network (

This is the day that we acknowledge the hurt, pain, suffering and damage caused by the forced removal of our First Nations children from their families that we have termed, the Stolen Generations.

May we always be mindful of the reparation needed to overturn that damage and empower our First Nations people to have their own agency so that their families, communities and culture can be restored to how they were and are meant to be.

I can still hear the words of Kevin Rudd… “and for this we are sorry”.

May we all work towards the healing of our nation caused by this spiritual blight on our history.

Have a good weekend and week ahead.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain