16 June, 2023


This is a book that is full of beautiful stories of migrants and second people’s experiences with our First Nations People and why they consider acceptance of our First Nations People into our Constitution as a step forward to wholeness in our Nation’s Soul and Conscience.

One of my listening of students experiences last week as I was interstate visiting other schools, was that some of them were feeling bullied into voting a particular way in the referendum.  I didn’t want that experience for our students, so I gathered six students from the religions most represented in our school, and in the book, to read a summary from each of their religions’ contributions in the book:  Christianity, Hindu, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.

I wanted them to have the experience of listening to what other religions were saying about the Uluru Statement from the Heart so that they could open their minds and hearts and vote with the right attitude for what they, themselves, want the future of our nation to be, in its soul, and in our collective cultural, spiritual, and intellectual minds.

It was very moving and informative, many teachers and students have commented on the benefit of hearing all the different interpretations of what it means for each of the different religions as they grapple with the same issues as we do, as we collectively prepare for the referendum.

Have a great and blessed week.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain