28 July, 2023


Good news at the Junior School next Tuesday!  After all the success of the Choc and Chats at the Middle School, next Tuesday we commence a Choc and Chat in the Laneway for Junior School students.

The hospitality that is shown to students at these events and the joy of seeing students connecting and belonging in our community, gives a real sense of what it is like to be at Scotch Oakburn where every student is known, valued and cared for.

At these events, students not only get to know their peers in a much more connected way, but they also learn how to socialise, emotionally and spiritually for who they are, as unique human beings learning to live our values and those of their family’s community.

Next week, I start attending the four Year 8 Camps throughout Term Three where students will have an opportunity to discern what they value about themselves.  Undertaking Identity Value Reflections is a very important aspect of their spiritual growth as students are creating their future, and it is our privilege and honour at Scotch Oakburn to be able to support and companion the students further in their endeavours and developmental life cycle to their satisfaction.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain