4 August, 2023


What a success at our Hot Choc and Chat at the Junior School this week.  I hope you enjoy the photos if you weren’t able to be there.

Next week, we will have double the amount of this week so that no one misses out.  It was wonderful to hear the students talking with each other and engaging in community belonging together.

I look forward to the next nine weeks serving our students in this way.

Here is the flyer for anyone who may not have seen it yet.  Every Tuesday for Term Three – Free Hot Chocolate for students in the Laneway at the Elphin Campus.

We also recommenced the Hot Choc and Chats in the Middle School this week.  To see the arrival of student’s smiling faces on a Monday morning and communing with them, I am always amazed with the growth of character, resilience and gratitude in our students each week.

I also do thank all the kind teachers and staff who help out in setting up tables and serving each week.

I visited the Valley Campus on Thursday, for the first of four Year 8 Education Outdoors programs where I am assisting our students identify their top five identity values for themselves.  This is an opportunity outside their usual environment to work out what they love about themselves and what it is about themselves that is of most importance for them to live out in their lives.

Hospitality and Identity Issues are very big in the Christian Human story.  St Luke’s Gospel is full of stories of how Jesus entertained the idea and imagery of hospitality.

Welcoming, accepting and eating were always important for St. Luke’s account of Jesus and I am glad to say that at Scotch Oakburn, we also consider hospitality, acceptance of one another and honouring each of our unique individual gifts important. I makes it easy to serve our students and families each week.  When we are aligned with our values in the home, school and workplace, then the sky is the limit.

Have a blessed and safe week,

Rev Grace
College Chaplain