11 August, 2023


This week has been a week of generosity, being shown, and received in our Junior School Chaplaincy/Connect.

Our Tuesday Hot Choc and Chats are really developing into a place where students can receive a hot chocolate and then sit and relax and talk with their peers and parents before school.   A real community gathering is forming as students experience the joy of generosity and belonging.

This morning at ChapelConnect, we were reminded of how generosity for ourselves and others causes an open heart that looks for opportunities to be generous to others.  With a book reading of “Have you filled someone’s bucket today”, we heard many examples of how we could fill someone else’s bucket and this is important because we may be the only ones who do.  We could be the difference between someone liking themselves or not.

At the end, each class took a bucket which they will endeavour to fill each time they fill someone else’s bucket.  At the end of Term, each class will bring their bucket to our all-Campus Connect and receive a blessing for how much they have grown in their giving of generosity.

Imagine a world where everyone was filling their and others’ buckets.

What a wonderful world it would be :-)

Rev Grace
College Chaplain