15 September, 2023


What a joy it has been to serve at the Junior School’s Fruit with a Friend this week.   Every week we see students building community with each other, learning what relationship means when you can share the same values of the school together.  It was wonderful to see staff also join us in the Fruit with a Friend fun this week.  We hope to see more of your smiling faces as we journey together in this way.

Building capacity in our students’ social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing has been a real enhancement with these weekly events.

The addition to this week’s event was background music supplied by Mrs Renee Hodgetts and our Performance Arts team.  It was a welcome addition, as the students were heard humming and singing along as they came to receive their fruit.

With only two weeks left of this Term, we are hoping that more and more students will gather and begin to grow and enjoy community life together at Fruit with a Friend in our Tuesday program.

On Wednesday, our Year 11 and 12 students attended Chapel and heard various stories to empower them to be faithful to who they are as human beings.  The highlight of this presentation was the reminder of how being faithful as role models in their TCE years, can help our younger students look up to them and learn how to behave and what is expected of them in their senior years at our College.

Yothu Yindi’s words in their song, Treaty, reminded them not to let their promises be like writing in the sand that can be washed away so easily.  They were encouraged to keep the promises they make to themselves and be role models for living the future, just as they create it to be.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain

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