3 June, 2022


This morning, I had the sheer pleasure of sharing a meal with colleagues and students at the Annual Reconciliation Tasmania Breakfast.

Reconciliation Week started on 27 May and runs until 3 June. These dates are significant with 27 May being the anniversary of the 1967 referendum and 3 June being acknowledged as Mabo Day.

At the breakfast, we heard two inspiring speakers. Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year, 19-year-old Katlyn Johnson, grew up in North West Tasmania and inspires educators to learn about our past so that our younger generations, not only know the true story but also are assisted in being able to move forward together as first and second peoples; to be one people in a diverse community.

Thomas Mayor (pictured with students above) is an author from Darwin and one of the signatories to the Uluru Statement, “From the Heart”. He explained his life’s journey as a Torres Strait Islander, brought up in Darwin and now supporting Prime Minister Albanese’s promise of a referendum to allow a change in the Constitution so that our First Peoples have a voice in parliament.

Our students were the first to put up their hands in the Q and A session and asked some very pertinent questions as to how we might proceed on matters of Government and Reconciling with the land Scotch Oakburn is built on.

A very proud moment indeed because the Uniting Church is in covenant with our First Peoples, to walk together with them, to build a future where the First Peoples feel safe, belong and are fully accepted for who they are.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain