24 June, 2022


This week, I travelled to Queensland to see how Chaplaincy is operating with three UCA-associated schools and to interview the Uniting Church’s Queensland Synod School’s Commission.  This is part of a larger overview as we take into account what other UCA and Presbyterian Schools around Australia are doing with respect to the Spiritual Wellbeing of their students.

This will be a long process over a number of terms, states and schools to ensure that whatever we are doing in Chaplaincy at Scotch Oakburn is best practice and a current and effective model that engages our students, embraces all our community and welcomes people from diverse backgrounds of all faiths and none.

As we enter the last week of term, I would like to offer a prayer for teachers, staff and students that I hope will help the culture of our organisation and help support the TCE in their exams.

O Holy One,
As we near the end of term, please keep us refreshed every day
Help our minds relax as we near the end of term
Keep us focussed towards the achievement of our goals
Help our students’ minds be focussed, especially our TCE students as they sit their exams
And may we all experience love, joy and peace as we enter our final week of this Semester
May positive energy be our flow
May compassion be our heritage
May Life, Love and Courage always be ours to enjoy
May Respect and Responsibility be a joy to give and receive
May Commitment be always at the forefront of our lives,
Holy Spirit, help the grieving, support the poor and let us contribute to our world with justice, kindness and a giving spirit, and
May all who live in our community be blessed by your goodness at Scotch Oakburn.
In Jesus Name we pray,

Have a great final week to Term 2 everyone.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain