2 December, 2022


This week in Chaplaincy, the Middle School did something a little different for the beginning of Advent in the Christian calendar.

We formed circles of 10 and replicated the Aboriginal Yarning Circle where everyone told a story of someone being kind to them and how it made them feel.  It was a flow-on effect from Mr Ben Green’s presentation in assembly this week that reminded us that people remember, not what we say, but how we made them feel.

At the end, a number of students addressed everyone and spoke about how this experience was for them and their responses showed the exercise was worthwhile for their spiritual development; that they can now go out and be the light for someone else in their peer group, family environment, and our wider community in general.

Our Salvation Army Red Bag Appeal will be closing this Wednesday, so this is the last time for a reminder.  Thank you to all those who have already contributed.  I have been very thankful as I have visited the trees and seen all your bags and gifts so far.  You are a very kind community indeed.

Just in case you are wondering, you can provide your own bag, they don’t have to be in red bags.  You can bring them however you want, and we will still include them in the final gift to our less-privileged families around Launceston.

Please also remember not to wrap them, as they need to be unwrapped so they can go into the correct processing system at the Salvation Army.

Just in case you have forgotten what to bring, here is the list again of what to bring for each year level at our school:

  • Early Learning  – a stuffed toy
  • Prep, Years 1 and 2 – small stocking fillers for children your ages, boys and girls – toys, thongs, sunnies, beach hats, lego, blocks etc.  Nothing dangerous or with batteries.
  • Years 3-5 – school stationery items for boys and girls all ages – ie note pads, coloured pencils, textas, rulers, pencil cases or similar.
  • Years 6-8 – stocking fillers for children 8 – 13 years, boys and girls – toys, books, games (board games very popular).
  • Years 9-10 – food donations (list will be supplied by the Salvos), and anything from other categories if they wish.

A big thank you again for your contribution.

Rev Grace Reynolds
College Chaplain