26 August, 2022


This week, I have had the pleasure of walking with many students and staff through many of life’s adventures.

Many people question me about my role as Chaplain in the school.  I believe it is a Ministry of Reconciliation through being a presence in the moment for people.  For me, Christianity is not a rigid lifestyle, full of rules I must obey or things I have to say.  For me, it is a lifestyle, how I live, how I love, how I serve.

For me, being the Chaplain at Scotch Oakburn is to serve the spiritual needs of the person in front of me at the given time I am speaking with them.  I come with no agenda, but to serve them in the moment, do whatever they need to give them life fulfilment.

I am not here to proselytise, to mission for the church by making everyone Christians.  I believe I am here to serve each and every person in our community to live their best lives, and in an educational environment such as Scotch Oakburn, I am here to serve the spiritual needs of the students so they are able to have their best learning experience, to spiritually serve staff members so that they can teach without restriction, and for parents, to serve them in whatever they need in spiritual support to be the best parent for their child’s dreams in education.

I hope this lets you into a little bit of my thinking and ethos of being the Chaplain and I look forward to serving you all, as required.

This week sees the end of our Inter-House Singing Carnival practises, with ChapelConnect starting again next week with an all Penquite Service in the HPEC.

The theme for this Term is Friendship and I have a great lot of speakers for next week to share what friendship means for them through various avenues of life.

May you all be blessed this week, in all you say, do and be.

Rev Grace