2 September, 2022


This week saw the return of Chapel after our wonderful Inter-House Singing Carnival.

Friendship is the theme of this Term and at our chapel, we heard from various students and staff about what friendship means for them and how they have found friends in their various interests in life such as sport, music, interfaith friends, a new migrant, a Round Square participant and a staff member who discussed how workplaces offer opportunities to grow in friendship and soul.

Now until the end of the Term, we will be meeting in our year level chapels to discuss what each of us needs in our life development and friendship growth.

Today, we welcomed an Aboriginal Artist, Aunty Judith-Rose, who will be working with our Preps and Year 1s over the next four weeks to paint the aboriginal creation story which will hang as a mural in our chapel.

Coming up soon will be our drive for students to offer photos for the blessing of the animals.

Have a great and blessed week everyone.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain