16 September, 2022


There is a lot happening in Chaplaincy at the moment, as we enter our third round of our Middle School’s Hospitality Program “Choc & Chat” for Year 8s this morning.

Also this week, we had the Year 9/10 Chapel Service where we attended to having peace in our friendships.  The students were able to hear what happens when drama plays out, what role they are playing in it and how to set boundaries so that they can experience peace in their friendship circles.  They were also able to choose one boundary that they would like to work on over the next month where they identified where they are at now, and what they would like to change.

I was blessed to be part of one of the groups and was inspired to see how serious they engaged in this effort to improve themselves, for themselves and for others.  Very inspiring indeed as these young people chose to live more peaceful lives.

At the Junior School, the Aboriginal Spirituality Art Project is continuing as Aunty Judith Rose came back into the College and students were able to see how she was painting the background to their mural so that they could paint their animals in the foreground.

For the past two weeks, the students have been tracing their animals into the Modelling Gel and now that stage is complete, we start painting our animals.

The next stage will involve the black outlines of the animals being added and edges touched up and we will have the project completed.  I am energised by the engagement and flow of this project as many of our students know and understand our Tasmanian Aboriginal Story, even to the point where all the animals on the mural are only those found in Tasmania.

It is a very exciting project indeed and I thank our teaching staff for their assistance, guidance and patience as we have had to move times, locations and what we were doing throughout the different stages of the project.

Blessing of the Animals

Yes, it is that time of the year when our animals and pets are going to be blessed.  Students can use the link on their student dashboard (the last coloured button) to upload a picture of their pet so it can be blessed in our last Service of this Term.

Have a great and blessed week as we honour our late Queen’s death with a public holiday next Thursday.  May she rest in peace and rise in Glory.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain