30 September, 2022


This week saw our Therapy Dog, Paddy, as our special visitor at our Blessing of the Animal Service and who, I believe, barked at just the right place.  He is such a precious animal for us all to see, pat and engage with, as we walk around the Penquite Campus, so blessing him for his purpose was a real honour.

Next Term, the theme for the Term will be ‘kindness’, our students’ 4th Spiritual Core Value.  I am looking forward to serving our community with the wondering of “how do we actually embody kindness?”; so that it is not an afterthought or something to consider, but is ingrained into our spirit and minds so that kindness is always how we live and give to this wonderful world of ours.

As we now break for two weeks, I offer a morning prayer for us to enjoy and relax each and every day of our holidays:

As Morning Dawns

As morning dawns,
And the planet turns,
Possibility stretches before us,
So much potential within and ahead.

Let us love deeply and richly into the new day,
Letting go what failure and regret may linger,
Laying aside any hurt and anger,
For such things are too heavy a burden to journey into the present with.

Let us live,
Walking in your way,
Full of faith and hope,
Knowing that all may not be easy,
But that you are with us as we go.

This, God, we pray for all our community here at Scotch Oakburn.


Rev Grace
College Chaplain