11 June, 2021


This Term saw us return to weekly House Chapels in the chapel. I would like to share my gratefulness to all our community for all the dedication and spirit of giving that our students have displayed from all over Penquite Campus, which helped make Chapel experiences for our students and staff refreshing, inclusive, engaging and thoughtful.

Thank you to all concerned, from the musicians (who many times came in at the last minute when others could not be available), WAVE ambassadors, singers, bible readers, prayer givers, and of course the House Captains and their wonderful leading of the College War Cry and Acknowledgement to Country.

We also give a big thank you to Mr Rohan Pryor, the Senior Staff Member of the Uniting Church in Tasmania, who gave us an insight as to how the Uniting Church was able to hold two diverse views on love and marriage and resolve the issue in a way that reinforced that everyone could be heard, belong and included within the one organisation.

One of our big challenges for Chapel is still, of course, our singing, and I am currently in discussion with music departments and Chaplaincies in other Uniting Church Schools around Australia learning what they do and how they approach what their students like to sing.

If anyone has any ideas or favourite music, songs or hymns you would like us to consider for next semester, please email me at  I am looking to select four hymns/songs that we can really get behind and sing with great gusto to match that wonderful war cry we commence our services with now.

From an interfaith point of view, on Wednesday 16 June, Sikhism celebrates one of the great martyrs, Guru Arjun Dev Ji (1563-1606) who was the 5th Guru and the first martyr-guru.  He was responsible for the compilation of the Sikh scriptures in 1604 CE and helped to build the Golden Temple at Amritsar and emphasized that the Sikh way was open to all, regardless of caste.   May these celebrations of memory be ones of safety, joy and peace for all involved.

Have a great long weekend and I look forward to seeing everyone back in Chapel next term.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain

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