13 May, 2022


In Chapel this week, all of the Middle School gathered as one in the HPEC and started off our Term of exploring what ‘love’ means within the five religious traditions of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism.   The students then had an opportunity to discuss with each other what love means for them.

In our next Chapel for the Middle School, we will be exploring what we love about ourselves through the eyes of our Identity Values.   This helps our own self-esteem and the second of the great Commandments:  Love your neighbour as yourself.  Often, we hear and learn about loving those around us and what our neighbour means, how to share with them, etc. but we don’t spend a lot of time, and for some, any time, looking at our own identity values and what it is we do or don’t do to love ourselves.

Quite often in life, once we know and learn to love ourselves for who we are, our identity becomes clear and we feel safer and more self-disciplined.  We trust ourselves and then we can move on with the capacity to trust and love others because we are safe and secure within ourselves.

In the Junior School today, we are starting the new format of CONNECT@Elphin. I will be going into classes individually and working with the students on what they understand commitment is and discussing what it means to live our College value of ‘commitment’ right from the very start of the day when we put on our school uniform.   I am looking forward to the outcome of our sharing this valuable time with each other.

I pray that you all have a safe week of growth, peace and contribution.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain