20 May, 2022


This week in Chaplaincy, I want to celebrate the Junior School Class of 2 Viney.  They were the first class to undertake the new format of Connect, and they didn’t let us down.  In fact, the surprise was all mine.

We discussed the topic of Commitment and what it means at a Year 2 level to undertake and be committed to what they believe in.

We read two books, The Little Red Hen and The Big Red Hen.  These two stories showed the different sides of commitment and what might happen when we are not committed and when we are.

The main contributions that struck a chord of just how good our students are at understanding commitment.

  1. They understood, at Year 2 level, that to be committed to something, you needed to use all our learning attributes and were actually able to name what they were and how they needed to be used for commitment to occur.
  2. They understood that living our school value of commitment started when they put on their uniform in the morning so that they when they are seen publicly on the way to and from school, as well as at school, they are identifiably the good character of commitment that Scotch Oakburn holds in their values system.
  3. At the end of our time, I asked – now you know what commitment is, what is one thing that you can improve on this week to show that you are committed to your values – and one young person said, “Not treat our parents like our servants”.  An answer all parents would like to hear, I am sure.

I had a tear in my heart and eye, as I heard these students be so committed to a good, prosperous and fine character.

School and parents alike, you are raising good children with amazing qualities.  I am humbled to be a chaplain in your midst and look forward to serving you more, as I move around the classes at the Junior School and beyond.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain