10 June, 2022


The new format of Connect in the Junior School has been very uplifting and encouraging.

This first round is all about Commitment and particularly what it means for student life at this young age.   I am astounded more and more how the students realise that once they are dressed in our school uniform whether on the way to/from school or at school, living the school values is paramount in how they are seen by the public and their peers.

It has been a great joy to allow the students to explain what commitment means for them, and how they can assess, through story, whether the storyline is about someone committing to their task or belief system or not and the results of their choices.

Those insights are pure joy when you realise that our students at Scotch Oakburn, even at this tender age are already developing into excellent global citizens with a commitment to do good for all.

Have a blessed long weekend everyone.

Rev Grace
College Chaplain