30 June, 2022


This week, saw our last Chapel addressing our students’ spiritual value of love.  We looked at the 2021 Census Report that was released by the Federal Government this week with particular emphasis on the large percentage of migrants who make up our country.

The reason for this focus was to discuss ways that we could intentionally improve the way we love each other, considering the diversity of cultures that now call Australia home.  There were four areas of a person’s life that students engaged with.  They are:

  • Religion
  • Culture
  • Family Traditions
  •  Values/Beliefs

The students broke into pairs and shared one thing about themselves for each of the four categories and at the end, many hands went up when they were asked, “Did you learn something about your partner that you didn’t know before this exercise?”

They then reflected upon the times that they were taunted by someone with unkind and unloving words that could stop them from feeling that they belonged, were accepted and even included in our College cohort and beyond as they listened to the song “Beautiful” reminding them that no matter what anyone says, ‘they are beautiful.’

We now move on to their spiritual value of friendship next term which will be highlighted by the first five weeks of being with their friends as they prepare for the House Singing Competition.

I hope, trust and pray that all of our community, staff, students, and families all have a refreshing three weeks, and no matter what you are doing, please stay safe, be well and may the Joy of the Lord always be your strength.

See you in Term 3 everyone,

Rev Grace