3 November, 2023


Leadership in action

As Term Four propels into full swing, student leadership becomes more and more evident.  These include excellent examples of Senior Student leadership supporting our recent Education Outdoors Programs for the Junior School, our Year 5 students leading celebratory events and hosting special guests and our Year 4 Leadership Day being planned for upcoming weeks.  “Finding the gold within” is a term referenced by Kurt Hahn, the founder of Round Square. I am reminded of this around the campus as our students young and old in age continue to step up and find out more about themselves, and on many occasions surprising themselves at their own leadership capabilities.  This week we announced the Term Four House Captains, please congratulate the following Year 5 Students:

Briggs House: Mya Derbyshire, Nik Malahoff
Dean House: Georgia Byrne, Ziggy Wolf
Fox House: Michaela Kriz, Finlay Lovell
Nance House: Lily Williams, Toby Holmes

Highlights this week

So many memorable moments this week across the Elphin Campus, with the Year 2 students embracing the two day overnight Education Outdoors program. Sleeping at the Wetlands at Scotch Oakburn Park being the pinnacle of the experience!


Naming of our Lambs at Elphin…what a special addition to our environment, official welcome to ‘Midnight’ and ‘Star’!

Year 1 Fairytale Ball – the HPEC@Elphin was a sea of Once Upon a Time characters on Wednesday evening.  Thank you to the Year 1 community for their support, DJ Dray and especially to the students for embracing the event and dancing non-stop!

The Early Learning Erina students thoroughly enjoyed their celebration morning, with showcasing music, perceptual motor skills, learning in Claremont and proudly ‘teaching’ their guest many skills in tehri learning studios.  Thank you to families for making such a positive environment on Thursday! Watch this week’s video at the top of the page to find our more about this event.

To our NIJSSA Athletics Team – well done on your commitment to being prepared for a personal best effort at the representative carnival at the St Leonards Athletics Centre, our College community is proud of your achievements!

Campus Safety…

In coming weeks we will be providing Prep Learn to Swim sessions, coordinated by our HPE staff in the College Pool. We are also getting ready for the Year 3 Bike Education Program.  Both of these opportunities enable life-long skills and awareness to be developed.  These safety programs enable our students to be safer while in these environments.

I ask that we as a community respectfully use the parking areas around the campus and support and respect our neighbouring properties and driveways/access while dropping off and/or collecting children, the safety of our community is a priority.

Ben Green
Deputy Principal – Elphin