6 April, 2023



Image source: Examiner

Congratulations to all 17 students from Years 2-5 who represented the College at this week’s Inter-School Chess event. The standard of play throughout the day was very strong and all our players acquitted themselves very well across their seven matches each. Bosco Kwong (Year 5) won the Primary division and Facundo Munoz Lagos (Year 4) finished 3rd. Scotch Oakburn won the overall Primary Division on the day.

End of Term

Thank you to all members of the Junior School learning community – students, staff, parents and families – for your contribution to our partnership in learning throughout Term One. Right across the Junior School Term One is a very important relationship establishing and building Term as the early stages of the year’s Learner Attribute growth, curriculum-based academic learning and social-emotional development are unfolding and the foundations are being set for the ensuing Terms’ progress across all aspects of personal learning and growth.

The importance of these relationships from a learning outcomes perspective – parent:teacher, teacher:student, classroom peers, wider peer friendships, House Teams, Buddy Classes – cannot be underestimated.

Learning thrives in a collaborative environment with layers of social interactions, ideas-sharing, teamwork and mutual trust and respect abounding.

Students from Early Learning to Year 5 should be proud of their contributions to school life as well as their own personal progress and achievements this Term.

Best wishes to all families for a wonderful Easter and school holiday break.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School